Does Botox make the forehead appear larger? Does botox make the smile appear smaller?

I had botox to the forehead, crows feet and between the eyes. My forehead looks so much bigger and my smile is smaller. My gums no longer show when I smile and less teeth show. In fact, my entire shape of face has changed. If bottom definitely did not change my smile, could it be from the juvaderm for smile lines I had done at the same time? I've had positive botox results for years. But this last time is a nightmare.

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Botox effects

Treating the forehead completely will relax the muscles, allowing the forehead to be less "tense" therefore slightly elongated. If botox is put too low or too deep in the lower Crow's feet the muscle affecting your smile can be relaxed, so your smile can be dimished. These effects will go away with time (at most 3 months). This is why it is so important to see a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon who understands facial anatomy to prevent these issues in the future.

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Botox to forehead

Unless you had Botox injected around your mouth, any changes there aren't from the Botox. You said you had Juvederm done at the same time, so anything that has changed in your lower face region would be from the Juvederm. Botox only affects muscles it's injected into. Your forehead may look larger due to lighting. This sounds odd, but sometimes people who get Botox say they feel like their forehead is shinier or bigger. This is because the forehead isn't moving and so there is less light diffraction around it. So it can appear shinier or larger because the muscles are smoothed out and there is less shadowing overall. If you don't like it, you could try another injector, or you could try less units over the forehead which will allow more diffraction and light shadowing on that area.

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