Can Botox Stop Lip Biting?

I have been biting my lower lip on the inside left for over 2 years causing a callous to form which only makes me bite more. The constant knawing is embarrassing. I was wondering if getting a botox injection would at all help stop the biting. Maybe if I couldn't move my lip I wouldn't be able to bite and the callous could heal, therefore having nothing to bite on. Thinking if the top lip could not move, it would make it difficult to actually bite down on the bottom lip. Your thoughts.

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Not recommended

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Botox could be used to relax your mouth muscles in the area, making it more difficult to bit your lip, but the resulting appearance would look odd. 

Botox preventing biting lip

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If a doctor were to use Botox off-label and inject the lower lip to relax the orbicularis oris muscle there might be less inward pull of the lower lip so there is less apposition against the teeth and making it more difficult to bite the lower lip. However, this would create a stroke-like appearance if only done on one side, and normal functions would be impaired such as brushing the lower teeth (the lip would get in the way) and one could not speak or whistle correctly.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Can Botox Stop Lip Biting

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Biting down is due to the functional activities of the masseter muscles ( chewing muscles) , it require coordinated and balanced contraction of a group of muscles to bring the lower jaw upward to the upper jaw and normally is done unconciously. Lip biting happens when lip(s) are caught between teeth. Lip movements are necessary to avoid getting caught . Injection of botox to paralize lip muscles would worsen your problem and it is ill-advised. You may consider cousulting with an oral surgeon for a thorough examination.  

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Not to get on a soapbox but when patients have "complications" its frequently because medications or treatments are used for something BEYOND what they were intended for. This is NOT something to consider. Unfortunately, someone will do this for you if you look hard enough and when you have the problems expected, the headline will be "Botox causes drooling/facial paralysis/speech problems..."....ARGHHH....

Botox in the mouth is a bad idea

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Please don't do this. It's just not a good idea. Injecting Botox like this will do a variety of things, all of which are bad: you won't be able to talk or form your mouth correctly to speak, you can't use a straw, you may not be able to eat or close your mouth, you won't be able to smile, etc. All of these are far worse than a callous in the mouth. This is not a good idea that will result in far more embarrassing consequences!

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