Possible Botox Problem - Chinese Brand?

Two women and I got Botox just over a week ago at a reputable place near where we live in Beijing, with Chinese Botox. As background, we have all had Botox done once before, but in the West. Now, while the results are pretty good, we all feel like we are able to scrunch our eyebrows and 11 lines more than after each of our last times (for me, hardly at all and now a lot). Is this a sign that the doc didn't give enough to the glabella? Or could it be something to do with the Chinese brand?

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Not every "botox" injection has real Botox

You may have been treated with a product similar to Botox but either a different version of the neurotoxin, or a less concentrated form. Even in the United States there were cases of "counterfeit" Botox being sold to reputable doctors. There was also at least one case where counterfeit Botox caused serious injury to the patient.

In the future, ask your doctor to show you the actual vial of Botox that will be used for your injection and avoid any imitations.

Dysport and Myoblock are also legitimate neurotoxin products.

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Did I get Real Botox?

Hi woman30.  In most cases a week is enough time to see the full results of Botox, but we schedule our checkups for first time patients 2 weeks after the initial visit to be safe.  We schedule these checkups because we want to evaluate our work to see if it had the desired effect for the patient.  You should call to schedule one with your current injector.

If the injection has not had the desired effect, perhaps you should contact your old and new injectors to find out how much product each used (how many units of Botox)?  This will give you a better sense of whether the treatments are comparable.  If it turns out that a similar number of units was injected in both cases, you may have had an inexperienced injector the second time around or perhaps a substitute product.  Start with finding out how many units were injected with each and then use that information as a starting point with your current injector.  Good luck.

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Possible Botox Problem - Chinese Brand?

This is a very difficult question to answer because of the lack of information, however, the answer may be as simple as giving the Botox two weeks to really take effect. If at two weeks you are still not happy then I would return to your doctor and discuss your concerns.

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True Botox does not come in a "Chinese brand".

My first concern is that you seem very sure that you had a "Chinese brand" of Botox. This was not Botox. Botox is the brand name of only a certain type of botulinum toxin made by the company Allergan, Inc., which does sell its true Botox brand to many countries. If your "Botox" was not from Allergan, then we are not able to comment on what exact molecule you had injected, and whether it should work as well or last as long, or be as safe.

I recommend you come back to get your next treatments wherever you originally did, or ask for a referral to a formally trained physician that will use only official brand cosmetic products, just to be safe.

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Botox in China

Difficult question to answer as you may be comparing apples to oranges on many levels. First and foremost, the "Botox" could be a substituted product....The usual and customary in the US is from Allergan, this is the gold standard product with great efficacy (means it works well and we have most experience with this.) Next, if the docs did use Allergan product, was the dose the same? Did you receive the same number of therapeutic units each time? Third, were the injections located in the same anatomic location? Even very small deviations from injector to injector can be noticeable, although very tough call here. These are a couple of thoughts, but main recommendation is to seek out a board certified physician next time and maybe wait until you return to the "West".

Hope this helps!

Dr. C


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Botox needs 14 full days to judge result

Although weakening of the muscles can be seen sooner than 14 days, it really can take 14 days, (as the manufacturer states), to see the "full" result.

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I can not be sure why the botulinum toxin innjection that you received in Beijing did not give you the desired result you were looking for.  Perhaps it was not Botox from Allergan, maybe it was some other neuromodulator?

Steven Wallach, MD
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Altrnative form of Botoc

Every manufacturer of botulinum toxin produces a different potency profile. Thiis requries the injecting physician to be very acquainted with teh product and doses require dfor the desired result. can don sigifia

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Chinese "Botox"

The Chinese produce their own botulinum toxin but I doubt the quality control is there. So all bets are off. You probably need a little more but I recommend you wait till you are back home.

Peter T. Truong, MD
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Botox can vary its effect depending on the number of units and location of insertions

You may notice less of a result than you had with the Western Botox treatment, but you may also receive more benefit in the next week as there can be a delay.  IF the muscle still moves, then more units need to be placed, in all probability, and this will possibly help. Of course, we can't comment on any Botox Cosmetic other than what is FDA approved here.

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