Is Botox Mixed with Saline or Sterile Water and Once Mixed, How Long Can It Be Stored For?

Is botox mixed with saline or sterile water and once mixed, how long can it be stored for?

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Botox done by experienced doctors

The storage of a typical bottle of Botox may only be a few days in busy offices. Most doctors use an off-label mixture of saline with preservative to mix their Botox and store it in the refrigerator for up to two weeks if needed, some may hold it longer but that again, is off-label.

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Botox mixing

Botox is typically reconstituted with normal saline (with or without preservative)  and can last for likely up to 6 weeks (some think even longer) when refrigerated. Most busy and successful practices will use up their Botox within 1-3 days.

Benjamin Barankin, MD, FRCPC
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Mixing and storage of Botox

Botox is mixed with normal saline (bacteriostatic) and can last for several weeks under proper refrigeration.  In most practices, it is used up the same day or within a few days.

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Botox is mixed with bacteriostatic saline

Interesting question and am unsure exactly why you are asking, but Botox is mixed with bacteriostatic saline. It is then refrigerated and can be kept there for a few weeks. However, in high volume offices, like mine, I use several vials a day, so the most it sits in there is a few hours.

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Studies have shown Botox is stable forup to 6 weeks once reconstituted

Numerous studies have shown that the Botox molecule is stable, even with agitation, for at least 6 weeks after being reconstituted and refrigerated.  I have provided a link below of a recent article confirming these observations.

Curt Samlaska, MD
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Preparation of Botox

Frankly, I am curious to know why you are asking this question. But to answer you, Botox is reconstituted with sterile saline and can last several weeks in the refrigerator after being mixed. However, in a a busy Botox practice, several vials are used daily so that Botox doesn't sit around mixed for more than a day usually.

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Mix Botox with Saline

Sterile saline (salt water) is the best liquid for mixing Botox. Although it does last many days reconstituted, many think is slowly loses its potency once mixed.

Many offices like to mix it and use it immediately. We agree with this.

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Botox preparation and storage

Botox and other Botulotoxin preparations are normally reconstituted with bacteriostatic normal saline to reduce stinging sensation during injections.

Once reconstituted it should be used up. However, it is believed its efficacy can last from 1-6 weeks if stored in a fridge.

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Botox and duration of effectiveness

Botox is reconstituted with sterile saline and can last many weeks in the refrigerator after being mixed.  In a busy injector's office, a bottle lasts less than a day. 

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
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Botox reconstitution and storage

Botox is reconstituted with normal saline and is then refrigerated in a medical refrigerator. It can stay for several weeks under these conditions and still be effective. However, in practices that treat patients with Botox regularly, it isn't around for more than a day or two so this does not become a concern.

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