Am I A Candidate For Botox Jaw Reduction at 16? What's The Cost?

hi, I was born with square shaped head and i wanted to know if botox works. I'm 16 years old. how much does it cost for each side?

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Botox and Dysport for jaw slimming

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Thank you for your question. Botox or Dysport can be a very effective way to contour the jaw line by reducing the masseter shadow through the outer jaw skin. In addition, it can reduce symptoms of jaw clenching or grinding of teeth at night time. This is an advanced technique that requires a strong understanding of the underlying anatomy. Some side effects can results in some very unintented effects. This can include affecting the smile due to diffusion of the Botox into neighboring smile muscles. Over treatment can also overweaken your jaw muscles making it harder to chew food and causes your jaw muscles to relax too much when you sleep.
The injection technique does vary by physical exam and the goals of the treatment. Facial contouring goals may change the injection sites themselves to affect different portions of the masseter as well as the dose. The strength of the masseters can be felt by palpation and also helps me to determine dosing. In general, I start with 15- 25 units of Botox (OR 50-75 units of Dysport) per side for most patients. If they have very strong masseters, then I may increase the dose, but more commonly ask them to return in three weeks for a touch up. Once you get the desired result, I let patients know that future treatments may require less to maintain the look or the jaw clenching symptoms, especially if they get treated as soon as they notice the symptoms return. This can be as soon as three to four months, but in some cases, patients report that it lasts six months or more. I find it depends on the dose we use and how many times we have done the procedure as the duration may lengthen for patients that repeat it regularly.

Botox for facial shaping.

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You need to be evaluated to see if  your concerns are related to prominent masseter muscles or due to the shape of your jaw.  If your masseter muscle is contributing to the square shape of the jaw then  botox likely will be effective. Generally treatment is deferred until a patient is at least 18 years of age.

Philip Solomon, MD, FRCS
Toronto Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Botox for jawline

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You should first consider seeing a board certified plastic surgeon or oral maxillofacial surgeon to determine what exactly is contributing to your appearance. 

Jaw Reduction with Botox or Dysport for Teenager

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Hi jennalee,

Botox Cosmetic or Dysport if used appropriately may be able to change the shape of your face, but this change occurs slowly. Botox Cosmetic and Dysport have been used to slim the jawline by reducing the masseter muscle on the sides of the jaw, thus avoiding plastic surgery. Results are typically seen after several weeks and maintained for several months. Treatment doses for slimming the jaws are typically higher than standard Botox Cosmetic used for wrinkles in the forehead or Crow's feet. Jaw reduction, with Botox or plastic surgery, is more common in patients from Asian countries, such as China or South Korea. Botox treatment is performed in the office, and anesthesia is not required.

If large jaw is due to bone, then surgery would be required to slim the jaw line.

Generally, most plastic surgeons would avoid treating young patients with Botox or similar treatments. However, some specialist may offer treatment with consultation with your parents. Only after a comprehensive evaluation together with you and your family can a plastic surgeon or Botox specialist can help determine appropriate options for you. Best of luck.

Dr. Chaboki

Houtan Chaboki, MD
Washington DC Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facial reshaping with Botox

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II would suggest you and your family, together, seek consultation with a plastic surgeon to evaluate your concerns and have the surgeon examine your facial anatomy. Alternative therapies and Botox can be discussed, mentioning their risks, practicality, probable benefits, etc. Masseter (chewing muscle) hyypertrophy, cheekbone, chin placement and other features all can interact to create the facial shape. Sometimes oralmaxillofacial surgery is tthe only option that can reshape the face.  Even if botox could improve the appearance, it must be considered to be safe if done frequently and consistently for you starting at such a young age.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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Botox at age 16

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Although Botox and Dysport achieve nice outcomes for shaping a "square" jaw line, the treatments will not change the shape of your head.  Also, at age sixteen, we suggest you are too young to consider these treatments for aesthetic purposes and recommend you discuss your goals with a practitioner when you are at least age eighteen or older.



Harold J. Kaplan, MD
Los Angeles Facial Plastic Surgeon
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