Will Icing Help Lump After Botox Injection?

Just had Botox injection in my glabella, now have a lump there. Can I use ice immediately after injection?

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Botulinum Toxin (Dysport or Botox): lumps, bumps and bruises

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Ice, pressure, head elevation, manual lymphatic drainage and arnica (oral and topical) are all good maneuvers to minimize bruising after Botulinum Toxin (Dysport or Botox) injections.

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It depends on the cause of the lump

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This is an interesting question. It depends on the cause of the lump. Sometimes you get a lump from swelling or bruising from the injection and in that case, the ice will help. However, sometimes the lump might be caused from the BOTOX working only on a certain area and results then need to be refined by injecting the product into a different muscle.

When the product is injected into one muscle, that muscle becomes thicker, and a lump can form from the muscle contracting. If this is the case, then treating the lump itself with BOTOX will help. It is always good to check with your doctor to get the lump checked. But, it is also very important to go to a doctor who is well trained in injecting BOTOX and has a great reputation. These physicians will be able to diagnose the cause and treat the lump properly. For more information on BOTOX visit my website.

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Icing help lump after Botox injection

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Yes it can improve the swelling if it is from just the fluid. But if it a bleeding lump that only time and icing can help.

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Lump after botox

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usually there is swelling from the fluid for one hour or slightly more in the skin after botox. There is a small chance that you have a tiny collection of blood causing the lump and this may bruise later if it hasn't now.  In the first day using ice would be fine. If the swelling persists after the second day, it may be a small collection of blood that will go away eventually. Ask your doctor if warm compresses could be used (not the first day at all!) after the second day to shrink the bump faster.  Your doctor may want to see you to evaluate this.

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Lumps from Botox

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Botox itself does not cause lumps, but you may have some swelling or a very small hematoma (bruise under the skin).  In either case, ice will help.  These little lumps usually go aways within a few hours and you should be fine.  If it is still there after a few days, then consult with your plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

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