Does Botox Make Eye Sensitive to Light?

hello doctors my name is folan i m from Iraq i was injected by botox three moths ago since then i suffer from bad vision i became so sensitive to light , i do not see well in the dark , my eyes always dry ,and i can not watch television and computer as i was before botox please help why did that happened to me

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Botox dry eyes and sensitive to light

I am not an ophthalmologist but I wonder if you might have symptoms that in fact are related to the Botox you had. If the crows feet are treated and you can't squint as well, then in bright light, you might be bothered more. if the lower eyelid muscle is weakened by relaxation from the Botox, and the lower eyelid droops, then tears won't bathe the eye well and it may dry out. You should see an eye doctor for an evaluation and until the Botox wears off, if it is the cause of your symptoms, then possibly saline eye drops may help lubricate the eyes and improve your symptoms.

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Unusual Botox Side Effect?

 If Botox was placed into a muscle that controls the ability of your eye(s) to close, then dryness may occur. However, the other visual symptoms seem unrelated to Botox. Please see an ophthalmologist.

William M. Ramsdell, MD
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