Cannot Move Upper Lip After Botox on Bunny Lines

Last week, I had Botox injected in the "bunny lines" of my nose. I did go 2 times to add a bit more on one the one side of my nose. Now, I can barely move my upper lip. I see you mentioned this was a possibility from having the injections in that area. Will the movement of my mouth stay this way as long as the Botox holds out? Is this a sign of something dangerous being wrong? I would appreciate your advice on this. Thank you.

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Botox works!

The bunny lines are caused by only one set of muscles whereas there are many muscles that act on the lips. It is unlikely that you have suffered complete loss of movement due to the duplication of these muscles. The botox effect will dissipate and in all likelihood your muscles will return to normal including return of the bunny lines. It does not sound as if anything dangerous has occurred.

Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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You will get better

Botox paralyzes muscles -- you got what you asked for. The good news is it will wear off in three months. You need to have patience.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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