Has anyone seen the results of the 'Ideal Implant' with the separate chambers of saline and layers within the implant?

I would like to get implants but want my implants to look as real and natural as possible. I thought about going with a teardrop implant but I don't like the idea of a textured implant. I can't find any pictures of the new 'IDEAL IMPLANT' and wondered about experiences, advice, opinions, photos anyone can share?

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Ideal implant examples

Because Ideal implants are relatively new, finding photos can be a bit difficult. I know that one of my patients just did a long blog about her ideal implants and posted a LOT of photos... and there are a few patients on my website as well.

In my breast augmentation practice in Santa Barbara, I try to align patients with implants that will give them the best outcome based on their body and their goals- the Ideal implant is a great implant but has more projection than some other implants that some patients prefer.  The patients I find that can look most natural with these implants have a relatively narrow chest wall but are not excessively thin- more proportioned women will do very nicely with this structured saline implant.

Discuss your options with your surgeon but find someone who can offer many different implant options so you can get an individualized outcome.

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Ideal Implant - an added choice for women

Thanks for your question.  The Ideal Implant is an FDA approved implant.  It is a saline filled implant, but differs from a traditional saline implant in that it has multiple chambers and baffling system so that the overall feel of the implant is much more natural, approaching the feel of a silicone implant.  It is referred to as a structured implant because of this new design.  The compelling feature of this implant, besides its more natural feel, is the fact that MRIs are not necessary to detect an implant rupture, because if the implant were to rupture, it would deflate like a traditional saline implant.  Therefore, if the implanted breast looks and feels normal, a woman can have the peace of mind of knowing that there is no silent rupture, like with a silicone implant.  

As in planning any breast augmentation, a consultation by a board certified Plastic Surgeon to understand a patient's medical history and expectation for surgery, as well as a detailed physical exam to asses the dimensions and characteristics of the patient's breasts are necessary to design a customized treatment plan.  Presently, a full range of Ideal Implants sizes are available to accommodate most patients and meet their expectations.

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Thanks for your question.  The IDEAL implant is a big improvement over other saline implants.  While close, it is not as natural feeling as a silicone implant.  The major benefit over silicone, however, is not needing follow up MRIs for detection of rupture.  I suggest you meet with a reputable board certified Plastic Surgeon for an exam and to discuss your options.  Good luck!

Jeffrey Umansky, MD
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Ideal Implants

Thank you for your question regarding the new FDA approved IDEAL structured breast implants.  I have been offering the IDEAl structured implants along with saline and silicone gel to my patients for the past year or so. Patients who opt for the IDEAL implant like the natural look and feel of the implant due to the structure but without the concern of a silent rupture that may occur with silicone implants.  The results so far have been impressive. Feel free to contact our office if you'd like to see some of our Before & After pictures of patients with IDEAL implants.  You can also go to the company website for more information and physician locator.  Only a select number of board certified plastic surgeons are approved to provide the implants at this time, but I suspect this number will increase over time. I hope this helps.  

Steven L. Ringler, MD, FACS
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Ideal Implant

Thank you for your question.  The Ideal Implant is the latest FDA approved breast implant - it's a new generation saline implant (smooth and round) that feels more natural than the old saline implants.  In my practice, patients have been quite satisfied with them.  I've included a link below for more information.  Good luck.

Zachary Farris, MD, FACS
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