Could What Looks Like Shingles Be Related To BodyTite?

bilateral upper arms...have photos on my i-pad that I can forward later as am currently in remote Nepal. It does look like shingles/herpes zoster...could it be related to having "bodytite" vaser-assisted lipo? It is quite excruciating though am on lyrica, and a low dose nortyptilne, and 60 mg codeine 2 x day.

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Vaser Liposuction

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A rash can be caused from many different things so a thorough evaluation  and diagnosis is of primary importance.  This could be from the medicine used in surgery, the garment, creams, body lotions or soap, and a host of other things.

Shingles after procedure

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Singles is a flare up of dormant herpes virus that is associated with chicken pox.  Certainly any procedure can induce a flare-up, but this should be evaluated by a doctor to be confirmed.

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