Can I Use Body Hair for Eyebrow Transplant?

i have thining hair and suffering from hair loss so i cant use it as a donor area, can i use the hair of my arm hole ?

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You can harvest donor hair from any part of your body in theory. In general the donor hair comes from the scalp.

You can harvest donor hair from any part of your body in theory. In general the donor hair comes from the scalp for eyebrow hair transplant surgery.

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Body Hair for Eyebrow Transplant?

Body hair is not a good match for an eyebrow transplant.  A better match would be donor hair from the lower back of the head.

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Body Hair For Eyebrow Transplant

Yes, body hair can be successfully used for eyebrow transplant. Using advanced FUE with uGraft, I typically harvest donor hair for the eyebrows from the nape of the neck or the legs, in qualified candidates. These two sources of donor hair are ideal due to their caliber and length. Hair from the mid-rear scalp grows longer and would require the inconvenience of frequent trimming.

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Eyebrow transplant using armpit hair for donor grafts

It would be a rare situation wherein the axillary hair would be a better match than scalp hair for an eyebrow transplant. The grafts would have to harvested by follicular unit extraction (FUE) in such a case.

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Donor sites for eyebrow restoration


The scalp provides an ideal location for donor hairs.  Why? There are a large amount of donor hairs available, the scar is well hidden and often heals remarkably well, the grafted hairs grow predictably, and the overall results are impressive.  While axillary hair may be an option, it is less ideal.  You need to make an appointment for an in-person consultation with a hair transplant surgeon to find out what options are available to you.  Furthermore, you need to be evaluated for the loss of both eyebrow and scalp hair.  Is something more going on here? Impossible to say without a face-to-face consultation. We have offices available throughout the country and would love to discuss all of your options with you  


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