Blurred Vision After Sculptra

Had 1 vial of sculptra yesterday. Two injections in temples, in chin and under eyes (low & deep beneath muscle, not thin skin area close to eye). Main swelling went down in about an hr. I've felt fine, slight headache but no need for pain killers. No marks or bruises and massaging is fine. The injector is very experienced. However, I have blurred vision and it's effecting my reading. Never had this before. I've always had perfect vision. Thought this would wear off but it hasn't. Will this go?

Update: My eye seems ok. It was only one eye that was slightly blurred, which I only really noticed when reading. I've had this extremely slight blurr in one eye for about 10 years which was tested, but it's never been serious enough to need glasses. Perhaps the injections made me more sensitive to this it and possibly cream from massaging might have got into the eye too and I started worrying about inflamation causing the blurr and then later on the possibility of collogen growing too much and in the wrong place around the eye and gradually making me uncontrollably blind! Will get my eyes tested anyway to see if there has been a deterioration but I'm not so worried now.

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Visual Changes After Sculptra

Blurred vision after Sculptra is highly atypical.  A small, but real possibility of retrograde embolization and blindness exists with any facial injection. Any visual changes should be evaluated ASAP by an Ophthalmologist

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Blurred vision is not an expected side effect of Sculptra - consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible

Although they are very rare, there are reports of visual impairment and even blindness after arterial occlusion by injection of dermal fillers

Blurred vision is not an expected side effect of dermal filler injection.  A search of the medical literature does not show any published reports of such an effect.

Please consult an ophthalmologist as soon as possible.

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