Can Blepharoplasty and Canthoplasty Help Caucasians Achieve a Larger-looking Eye?

Although I would not NEED to undergo blepharoplasty since I have the so-called "eyelid crease" many Asians try to achieve, I still would like to know if blepharoplasty (and/or) canthoplasty has the potential to change (i.e. enlarge or improve) the shape of an eye?

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Video on Eyelid Crease Formation and Canthoplasty: Yes this can be used on Caucasians

Creating an eyelid crease and carrying out a medial epicanthoplasty can be something that can possibly be used for the Caucasian population. As people age, their crease can become weak and loosen. Also some caucasians naturally have a lack of a distinct crease like the Asian Population. Epicanthal folds are much more rare in the Caucasian population but, if present, can have the same indications for medial epicanthoplasty as in the Asian Population.  You can go to my website to see more information on these procedures under our Asian Cosmetic Surgery page under the Procedures section.

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Can Blepharoplasty and Canthoplasty Help Caucasians Achieve a Larger-looking Eye?

It depends on what is done with canthoplasty. Usually canthoplasty is done to tighten the lower eyelid but it can also be done to widen the eye, particularly in Asian patients. This procedure is very rarely done and it is controversial. The endoscopic forehead lift would be a good alternative particularly if your forehead is low. See pictures of patients with this procedure and you will notice, literally, an eyeopening results.

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