Can I Get Almond Shaped Eyes Without Having Surgery?

Hello. I have big, rounded eyes. I always wanted to have almond shaped eyes. The outer corner to be slightly slanted upwards. Is it possible to achieve that look without having surgery like canthoplasty and use Botox or some any other kind of injections? I am afraid of having a canthoplasty. Thank you :)

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Almond Eye Shape

Unfortunately, only eyelid surgery, #Canthoplasty or #Canthopexy procedures will be able to reshape your eyes from round to almond shaped. Make sure you go to an expert with experience in this technique.


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Almond Shaped Eyes

Re: Can I Get Almond Shaped Eyes Without Having Surgery?

The simple answer is no.  As other posters have noted, there is no way to make big round eyes almond shaped.  However, you will probably be able to find someone who is willing to give it a try.

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The only way to have almond shaped eyes is to be born with them.   Surgery to gain this appearance usually does not work.

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Making Asian appearing eyes

It seems like this question keeps coming up on this site and the answers still are the same. I await to see results of any surgical or non surgical technique that makes a change. If make falls into the category then there is that for an answer.

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Almond shaped eyes and how to get them.

There is only one way to get almond shaped natural looking eyes and that  is to be born with them. If someone tells you they can do it, you will end up with an unnatural look.

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