What would cause a brow lift to drop or be unsuccessful?

I am having a brow lift with possible upper bleph in December to correct my hooded eyes. I want to be able to see my movable upper lid. It looks like I may only need the browlift but my PS won't know for sure until he is doing the surgery. He said that sometimes they were unsuccessful. However, a friend of mine who used to work for him said she never saw any that he did drop and they were always successful. Do you think he was just telling me all the possibilities of what could go wrong?

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Browlift and upper eyelid lift

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A couple of thoughts.  It sounds like you trust your friend and if she has seen this particular surgeons results and feels that they are good,  then you should be reassured that yours will be too.  The brow can fall a bit following a browlift and the surgical approach to the browlift probably has less to do with the brow falling than the fact that the procedure needs to be executed properly and your surgeon needs to understand the subtleties of your particular anatomy.  The one issue I have is that your plastic surgeon isn't certain if the upper eyelid blepharoplasty will need to be performed until the time of surgery.  Your plastic surgeon should be able to determine this prior to surgery.

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Brow lift candidate

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There are too many variables to give a straight answer to your question. Is the brow lift being performed through coronal approach or through an endoscopic approach? Is there skin being removed or just being re-suspended? Is also important to address the corrugator and frontalis muscles of the forehead which are the elevator and deppressor muscles which can also affect dropping of the eyebrows. In addition, it's important to know what type of fixation is used for the brow lift to ensure that it does not drop. For many examples of brow lifts, please see the link and the video below

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What would cause a brow lift to drop?

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Brow lifting can be done through a blepharoplasty incision, above the brow (very rare cosmetically), and by a forehead lift.  An ethical surgeon will tell or at least list out all the possible issues that can occur that would be viewed as suboptimal results, complications, or adverse events.  This is not to say that serious ones happen often, but it is important to be informed before you consent to undergoing a treatment or surgery.  Some patients with thick, heavy forehead tissues are more prone to the results not lasting as long as patients with thinner tissues.  No facial plastic surgery of the skin is really permanent as age, gravity, sun damage,  and wear/tear can cause the surgical result to regress.  Depending upon the technique, forehead/brow lifting can last 5-10 years and are generally very successful.  You do want a lasting result, but you want it to look natural so be careful and go with a reputable surgeon.  Best regards.

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