Can I Use Bimatoprost Instead for my Hair Loss?

I'm a 22 years old woman who has been using Minoxidil 5% for 4 years and It didn't show any dramatic results but decrease my hair loss... can I use Bimatoprost instead? IS It EFFECTIVE? any side effect?what's its dose?

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Bimatoprost for Scalp Hair Loss

In theory, you could use bimatoprost on your scalp to add density and length to the hairs that have been miniaturized by DHT, thus reducing hair loss. This drug is currently in clinical testing by Allergan for use on the scalp. However, it is not yet approved for use on the scalp, thus, you would be taking a risk with regard to dosage, long-term use, side effects, etc. The side effects currently observed mainly pertain to usage in and around the eyes, but include hyperpigmentation (darkening of the skin) which could very well affect the scalp.

More important is your questionable cause of hair loss. At the age of only 22, female pattern baldness is not likely the cause of significant hair loss over four years’ time (thought it’s not impossible). If a 5% minoxidil dosage is not working for you, I highly advise you to seek counsel with your doctor for relevant blood testing. Hair loss in women is often a symptom of a more serious underlying illness.

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Bimatoprost for your scalp

Sold in the USA as Latisse, this product is FDA approved to improve upper eyelid hair growth.  One day, Allergan may develop a product that cost effectively treats male or female pattern scalp alopecia.  At the moment, this isn't cost effective for you.  As noted, Rogaine is better thought of as a treatment to slow down hair loss rather than grow new hair.  You are better served by scheduling an in-person consultation with a hair restoration surgeon.  At your consult, we can discuss your medical &/or surgical options.  Since it sounds like you have been suffering with this for several years now, it is time to make your appointment.  Best of luck to you. 

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Bimatoprost for the scalp

Studies by the company Allergan have shown that bimatoprost might help just a bit but not enough for them to proceed to bring the drug to market for men and women with scalp hair loss.

At present, bimatoprost (Latisse) remains FDA approved for eyelash growth in women with thin eyelashes

In general, women who are concerned about hair thinning may wish to make an appointment with a physician who specializes in hair loss.  A careful discussion of all the options for genetic hair loss is important including:
  1. Spironolactone
  2. Low level laser therapy
  3. Hair transplantation
  4. Platelet rich plasma

If you don't have genetic hair loss but rather one of the other 99 causes of hair loss, none of the above treatments are likely to benefit

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
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