I am a boy of 25. I want to increase my breast like women. Is their any natural remedy? (photo)

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What is a natural breast grower?

There is no natural remedy that I am aware of. However, fat transfer is a natural surgical way to increase breast size without implants.

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I am a boy of 25. I want to increase my breast like women.

Thank you for the question.

I have had the opportunity to work with several men interested in breast implants ( to feminize the chest wall).  This is a different situation from trans gender patients in transition and from men who are looking to augment their chest walls ( pectoralis implants).

Nevertheless, this subset of patients is somewhat uncommon;  it is very important to  understand patient motivation clearly and to educate  these patients about the long-term effects of having  feminized chest walls.

Best wishes.

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What can grow breast naturally?

Hello mitalove. I'm not aware of any cream or medication that can grow breasts consistently to match the results of breast implants. I know that hormone therapy will give you some breast development and you can reach out to your private doctor for a recommendation. As far as surgery, breast implants are the most predictable way to achieve bigger breasts! We get a lot of patients from NY and the east coast in Scottsdale each and every year mainly because Scottsdale is know as a plastic surgery hub. The weather and the accommodations are really great too, especially this time of year. Scottsdale is also well known for great breast implant results and has its own MTF center at Greenbaum. It is usually a good idea to seek a specialist in breast augmentation and one with plenty of experience with MTF breast augmentation! You may have to travel to find the best for your situation. We post our options and prices on our website. Make sure you see lots of before and after photos on the procedure and sizes you're looking for from your doctor. We find that traveling to Scottsdale is easy for most people and in the office we have information that can facilitate your trip. Best wishes,


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