Beta Thalassemia Minor Carrier, Candidate for TT?

because of my trait i have low Hematocrit 27 and low Hemoglobin is it safe to have plastic surgery? (tummy tuck, breast augmentation) i had two c sections with no problem but my ps shows concern. and wont do them until i have normal levels (abnormal for me) is this due to lack of knowledge on my blood condition? i cant raise my levels because i cant take iron. should i look into an other ps or i am doomed to stay with a body i don like? thank you so much!

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Beta Thalassemia Minor Carrier, Candidate for TT?

I would find another plastic surgeon more familiar with this entity. It may be wiser to break the procedure up into  two separate operations. It used to be more common than now to have patients donate a pint or two of their own blood in preparation for surgery, so that it can be used to replace any blood loss during the operation, and it may be that that is a consideration for you. 

Discussing strategies with your primary physician and or hematologist would be appropriate. 

Thank you for your question, best wishes. 


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Beta Thalassemia Minor Carrier, Candidate for TT?

I have had thalassemia patients in the past, for various procedures, and I always obtain a hematology consult/clearance before proceeding with any surgery, and often the hematologist will initiate a course of therapy preoperatively. 

Jonathan Ross Berman, M.D. , F.A.C.S.

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Beta Thal Carrier and Tummy Tuck

     I have operated on several people with carrier status without incident.  However, each patient needs to be evaluated thoroughly before a decision is made as reserve status will be different.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

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Beta-Thalassemia and Tummy Tuck

You need to meet with your hematologist and your primary care physician and make sure that they feel you are safe for surgery.  This surgery if it is done should be done in a hospital with blood products available as there is a significant chance you would need a blood transfusion afterwards.  You can call other plastic surgeons to get their opinions but you should start with your hematologist and your primary care docs.

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