Will I Benefit from Gum Contouring? (photo)

İ have a gummy smile. İ can not afford veeners and so just want gum contouring to improve my smile. İ am aware that this wont make my teeth perfect but will it improve my smile? And am i a good candidate? Thank you

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Gum Lift

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Cosmetic gum recountouring may improve your smile, it just depends on how much of a "gum lift" you want. It may be necessary to have crown lengthening along with the gum lift otherwise, the gum will grow back down.

West Palm Beach Dentist

Correcting smile line at gingival level by recontouring

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You are an excellent candidate for a lase gingivectomy to improve the visible shape of the front four teeth.  Minimal recontouring on 8 and ( will give significant improvement.

Tooth number 7 will have the most dramatic effect during a full smile and a millimeter to a millimeter and a half reduction would be sufficient.

Easy and practically pain free with a lase.  Slight discomfort with electrosurge unit.

Recontouring the incisal edges would also improve smile with minimal time or expense.

Ira L Shapira DDS

Gum recontouring

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From the pictures you have provided, You do not have much excess gingiva (gum), so doing crown lengthening or gum re contouring might lead to recession in your case, unless it is combined with veneers.   But again this is just looking at the pics.  it is better for you to be evaluated, xrays and measurements of your gum will be very helpful.

After this evaluation, if doable, a gingivectomy (gum re contouring), or crown lengthening ( e contouring of the gum and the bone) on your right lateral incisor ( the shortest tooth on the left side in the picture, beside the canine) will improve your smile.

our guidelines for esthetic smile is to have, the canines and the centrals with the same gum height, and then the lateral incisors (the teeth in between the canines and the central incisors ) with 1 mm lower gum line.  

so in your case, I think you are pretty close to this, except for your right lateral incisor. the gum for this tooth could be re contoured to the level oft he mirror tooth ( the lateral on your left).


Elly Tehrani, DMD, MSD
Toronto Periodontist
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