BBL 6 Days Ago, my Labia is Swollen and I Have Vaginal Bleeding ,but It's Not Period Time, Normal?

I took my own drain out tonight because it was time , and I had sx out of town !! My garment is tight on my legs and my pussy lips bulge threw the pee hole part , but I use pads in the hole to stay comfortable , I shouldn't be bleeding right now, and my hood and labia are swollen

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Swelling post brazilian butt lift.

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Swelling around the labia is very common post surgery. I would recommend you keep that area compressed to help reduce swelling. However, vaginal bleeding is not so common. Check your incision area's to be sure that is not where the blood is coming from. Also contact your surgeon to follow up regarding this matter. Best of luck.

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Labial swelling and vaginal bleeding after BBL

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The swelling of the labia is common after Brazilian Buttock Lift.  It is not common to have vaginal bleeding but what you are seeing may be tumescent fluid mixed with blood, coming from one of the incisions and dripping on  to the pad.  This should stop within 2-3 days.

Kenneth L. Stein, MD
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Vaginal bleeding and Labial Swelling after Liposuction surgery

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Yes, labial swelling is very common with Liposuction if it is performed across the lower abdomen and mons area. 
Vaginal bleeding even though it isn't time for your period is also very common.  Many times women get their period due to the stress of having surgery.  Many other women who are due to get their period will often skip their period due to the stress of surgery. 
Discuss these issues with your surgeon, but it all sounds completely normal and should be nothing to worry about.

Brazilian Buttlift: Swelling, post-operative recovery

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Thank you for your question, it is always advisable to see your plastic surgeon when you have questions regarding recovery and results.  I understand your surgery was performed out of town.  It is common to have swelling in the labial areas after this procedure, especially if your surgeon performed liposculpture and fat harvesting from the abdomen.  This should resolve over the next several weeks.  The vaginal bleeding is less common and more concerning.  It could be stress induced period bleeding earlier than normal due to surgery or it could be something more concerning.  If the bleeding is heavy and does not improve I would make and appointment to see a doctor to be evaluated.  Best of luck!!

John G. Apostolides, MD, FACS
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