What is Meant by a Patient's Skin is Too Tight for a High Amount of Fat Injections?

I've heard some patients mention that thier doctor could not inject the amount of fat they requested because their skin was too tight. What is meant by this? Is it the muscle (glutes) too tight?? Is there a way to loosen up the butt area prior to surgery (BBL) with massages, etc...?

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How Much Fat Can You Have Injected for the Brazilian Butt Lift?

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To be honest with you, I always find it funny when patients come in and tell me how much fat they want injected into their buttocks.  "I want 800cc's!"
How do you know how much you want.  How do you know how many cc's of fat you have that can be transferred to your buttocks? How do you know how many cc's of fat your buttocks will hold?  How do you know what 800cc's of fat will look like in your buttocks?  Do you know how much will live out of that 800cc's?  If your buttocks only has room for 600cc's and we force 800cc's in, do you know what that will do?  
I have been performing this procedure for 14 years and have done Hundreds of Brazilian Butt Lifts and I still cannot tell precisely how much fat I can transfer until it's done.  
There are 4 major limitations to how much fat will survive in your buttocks.  1) How much fat you have available in other body parts that you want to have liposuctioned.   If you don't want a particular body part made smaller, then don't have liposuction of that area!  
2) How much fat your buttocks will hold.  Your butt skin will only stretch so far.  The more fat you force in, the more pressure there will be on the blood supply to those fat cells and the more likely it is that they will die!  3) What you do afterwards will play a big role in how much fat will survive.  Follow your doctors instructions to the "T"!!! 
4) The technique used by the surgeon is also extremely important.  If the fat cells are dead when they are injected, or if they die because too much volume is forced in, then no matter how perfect everything else is done.... the fat cells are already dead.
Seek out a surgeon who has experience with this procedure, good results, knows what they are doing.....And Trust Them!!!

Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

"Skin too Tight for large Volume Fat Injection"

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As humans we are all subject to the laws of Physics including gravity . As Plastic surgeons we frequently see women with flat barely A bra cups who disregard the logic of everyday life and think that their tight chest skin would  nicely accommodate large breast implants AND that such "breasts" would be attractive and free of complications. There is a finite limit to what we can squeeze into any volume. Just as a 300 pound football linebacker cannot squeeze into a size 4 dress without predictable "malfunctions" the same is true for Pastic surgery. 

As skin is being pulled tight by either a large implant or too much fat, it becomes shiny and the blood flow within the skin slows and eventually stops resulting in tissue death and ulcers. In the breasts this would result in exposure and infection of the underlying implants requiring their removal ; a disastrous complicatin. In the buttocks or face, the sheer pressure compromises blood flow resulting n fat death and loss thereby proving th adage tat more is not always better. It is always better to come back again in the future and add volume tan to try and place large amounts of fat uder a very tight skin envelope. 

Peter A. Aldea, MD
Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Skin is too tight

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Think of your skin like a bag. You can only fit so much into the bag until it gets damaged. The bag might stretch and thin out, or rip. Your skin, and the surrounding tissues, can only take so much before it gets damaged as well. Putting too much fat so that your skin is beyond capacity can lead to serious complications. 

Ronald Levine, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Pressure during and after Brazillian

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Each surgeon has a protocol that differs from the next.The skin gets tight after fat transfer, adding more fat increases the pressure and stress on the fat cells to stay viable. Keeping the pressure at a minimun is also the reason the avoid sitting after Brazillian...it adds pressure and decreases the "take" of fat transfer. Speak with your plastic surgeon about his/her protocol.

Brazilian Butt Lift

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Dr. M is right.

Plus you really do not want to loosen your butt.

Brazilian Butt Lift is an art of sculpting your own buttock, that you have and not what your friends tell you.

Cosider the body shape, the buttock shape where the enhancement is needed and how to enhance your buttock to compliment your body.

Samir Shureih, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon

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