BBL and Arm Lipo. How Common For These To Be Performed Together?

My arms and upper back are very fatty even though i have a lot of muscle and i am 135lbs. Just the way my body has shaped itself after weightloss and pregnancy. There is fat on top and below of equal mass. When arm lipo is performed is it done through-out the arm or only certain areas? How common is arm lipo done when a BBL is done? I am hoping to have my arm fat injected into my bottom!

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BBL and Arm Lipo frequent combination

I do a lot this combination of procedures in my practice and sometimes I use the fat from arms for the buttock, although I prefer abdominal or lower back fat, but sometimes in 2nd fat grafting round is a good and useful option.

The incision can be placed under the armpit of the skin of the elbow, and usually most of the fat is located on the posterior area of the arm, I personally don't like to remove fat from the front because it changes the shape of the arm.  

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Brazilian Buttock Augmentation & large volume Liposuction

to get a great buttock augmentation result it is absolutely necessary to harvest and inject enough fat to the buttocks. that is why I always would liposuction the arms if there is fat there, and if the patient needs extra fat.

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BBL and Arm Lipo

Arm fat is commonly used during a BBL in my practice. Usually the best fat in the arms comes from the posterior (back tricep) area.


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