Is Bare Minerals Good to Use on Your Face for Rosasea?

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Re: Bare Minerals and Rosacea

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Bare Minerals is often used by people who have sensitive skin.  Due to its formulation, it doesn’t have common irritants. As a skin product, it is less likely to be a trigger for Rosacea flare ups.

Keep in mind that Rosacea is really a condition where blood vessels become enlarged due to factors like sun exposure, temperature extremes, intense emotions and certain foods.


Certain skin products can penetrate the skin and affect blood vessels, so this is listed as a possible trigger.

You may want to speak to a dermatologist more specifically about appropriate cosmetics and skin products for your particular condition.


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Makeup and Rosacea

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Bare MInerals is a brand of mineral makeup, not a treatment for Rosacea. Individuals with inflammatory skin conditions such as rosacea can be less irritated by certain types of makeup including mineral-based makeup. More importantly, you should consult with a board-certified dermatologist for an evaluation and discussion of effective treatment options. Rosacea can be a very challenging skin condition to treat and control. 

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Bare Minerals and Rosacea

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Bare Minerals is simply a mineral makeup (in reality too, all makeup has the same minerals just different amounts!). It is not a treatment for any type of skin condition, but just merely something that covers it up. If you have rosacea you need to see a dermatologist for proper medications and treatments. Makeup simply masks the problem - it does nothing to treat or solve the problem.

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