Smart Lipo or Brazilian Butt Lift for Banana Rolls?

I have fat under my butt, the so-called banana roll. My rear is not that flat but it has stretch marks and is not so well shaped either. It does not look normal and it has given me a lot of insecurities, because it even shows sometimes when I wear pants. I love the beach but I have to wear a swim skirt to hide my imperfection. What procedure you recomend for me? I was thinking Brazilian Butt Lift, Smart Lipo, or exercise. What do you think?

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Banana roll is a complex issue

Treating the "banana roll" is not as simple as it seems. I think the banana roll is not a distinct accumulation of fat or a fat pocket. Rather I think it is a folding of skin caused from the weight of the buttock and somewhat loose skin.

This is the reason why I tend to see the banana roll in older patients, who have looser skin, and younger patients who have had liposuction of the upper lateral and inner thighs.

The solution depends on whether you want just a reduction of the banana roll or an overall enhancement of the buttock area.

If you want just a reduction of the banana roll, a very fine cannula liposuction at a superficial level will help. Taking out too much fat will eliminate support for the weight of the buttock and cause the skin to buckle and fold again.

If you want an enhancement of the buttock area in general, a fat injection to the lateral area of the upper thigh and buttock will act as a column of "support" for the buttock and give you a perkier buttock and obliteration of the banana roll.

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Butt Deformity

I think you need complete evaluation and discussion with an experienced PS . Discuss you present situation and your goals and how to achieve them.

The Bananadeformity will blunt the shape of the buttoch and will need liposuction. But excessive liposuction of th banana deformity can cause huge problems.

Lipo of the love handles and back defines the buttock, Buttock enhancement with fat Transfer,the Brazilian Buttock Enhancement will add volume, improve shape and curves

Samir Shureih, MD
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Improving Buttock Shape

Thanks for your question -

You've hit on three different categories of improving your contour -

Exercise is an important part of looking and feeling great. However, there is no such thing as targeted weight loss. This means that as you lose (or gain) weight you don't lose or gain it from a specific area - but instead lose it from everywhere. The ratio of how you lose it can be different and can change as you age.

Liposuction (any technique)
Liposuction surgery removes fat from specific areas. So if your concept is to improve your contour by reducing certain areas this can be very effective. Liposuction has some limitations if you have excess skin or are significantly overweight.

Brazilian Butt Lift
This surgical technique takes the benefits of liposuction (in reducing areas of prominent contour) and adds the ability to increase areas that need additional profile.

I hope this helps.

Steven H. Williams, MD
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Banana roll

Reducing your banana rolls, posterior upper thigh excess fat, if done properly and conservatively should give you improvement without making your buttocks drop.

Larry S. Nichter, MD, MS, FACS
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Should I suction or pursue Brazilian Lift to achieve the butt I want?

Hi there-

The details of where to suction and how much, as well as where you would benefit from fat grafting and how much will depend on your exam and your goals. I'm not sure I would be helping you by giving you an opinion of what to do without having an understanding of where you're starting from and where you want to get to.

I would recommend that you find a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon with a lot of experience in BBL surgery and visit with them for a consultation. Most likely the correct option for you will involve a little of both liposuction (and the machine used is NOT as important as the person doing it) and fat grafting.

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Two options, liposuction or reverse buttock lift

There are two ways to treat this area. Liposuction if you have good skin tone and mainly fat deposits. The other option is a buttock lift done through the crease. It works wells by removing the skin and fat and recreating the fold. There will be an incision in the area of the fold that you have to be ok with. The key is to limit the scar to the fold.

Hisham Seify, MD, PhD, FACS
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Brazilian Butt Lift or Smart Lipo for banana rolls

Hey Cyn80

You have brought up a question about a tough area to treat: The Banana Roll.

It is tough, because there are a couple of different causes. Excess fat in this region is one and the easiest one to correct. All this requires is liposuction. Another cause is an excessively heavy buttocks. Again, liposuction may help, but in this case it would be lipo of the buttocks to reduce the size and weight of the buttocks. A third possibility is loose skin -- more common in weight loss patients, but can happen in people who just have naturally lax skin. For these patients, I usually recommend removal of the excess skin through a scar in the infra-gluteal fold (beneath the buttocks). A Brazilian Butt Lift might be helpful if you have a small buttocks and drooping loose skin.

As far as the shape of your buttocks, if the issue is something aside from the Banana Roll, then I solely recommend either liposuction to reduce the areas that are too big or too prominent, or Fat Grafting (Brazilian) to fill out any areas that are too small or indented.

I hope this helps. Good luck!

Daniel P. Markmann, MD
Baltimore Plastic Surgeon
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