How Can I Ensure Best Smart Lipo Results?

I had my first Smart Lipo procedure in Sept 2008, and I felt great post-op; So much so that I went for a couple of walks about 3-4 days after. Well, as the months went on, the skin did not tighten over the abdomen, and there was a noticeable pocket around the navel.

I did some research online (not assuming patient recounts or advice count as the end all - be all), and in several articles, they stressed staying non-active (not even a walk) for at least 7 days, to let the skin form tightly to ensure optimal results. My surgeon didn't give me this advice the first time through, and even went on to suggest an laser treatment done outside of the body (cold-laser).

I am fit, and can feel the muscle definition under what was the pocket from my first procedure. This second time through, I am wanting to ensure optimal results. Does it really help to stay immobile and apply pressure (compression garment) on the areas worked on, to ensure no pockets form and that the skin forms tightly over the muscles? What else can I do to ensure best Smart Lipo results?

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Smartlipo and skin tightening

Smartlipo is another way to do liposuction. As successful as it could be to remove fat, I have not seen any significant studies to support the skin tightening that the company has avowed when selling the product. Perhaps the newer machines are better. Needless to say, when you perform liposuction and you "deflate the balloon," the skin may not retract as well as you would like no matter what technique you use.

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