Very Bad Receding Gum Line, Best Option? (photo)

I have a bad receding gum line! I have seen 3 different dentists about it and they all have different opinions about how to go about fixing this problem. Pull it and get a fake tooth. Lazer surgery to kill whats causing the gum to pull away (very expensive) and oral surgery. What is the best option? I am 33 and am not to keen on the fake teeth just yet.

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How to treat very bad receding gum

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Excellent photo! From the looks of your situation, you appear to have a frenum (muscle attachment) pulling down on the gum around your lower central incisor. Without seeing your X-rays, it appears that you would need a minor surgical procedure called a "frenectomy" to release the tug of that attachment. You might also need a gingival grafting procedure after to raise the height of the gumline to its original position. Your best bet is to discuss these options with a periodontist (gum specialist). While the frenectomy can also be done with a laser, I don't think the issue is "killing the bacteria", but more a mechanical issue of releasing the tug of the frenum.

New York Dentist

Bad Recession in front tooth

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You have taken a very good photo of the area.  It appears from your photo that you have a very high frenum attachment and that is what is causing the damage.  You may need a frenectomy.  I would not recommend having the tooth extracted.  I would get an opinion from a local periodontist in your area to get another opinion. 

Leonard Tau, DMD
Philadelphia Dentist
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Lost Gums Can Lead to Loss Teeth

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Gum recession doesn’t typically occur within minutes.  It is a process of destruction stemming from conditions associated with bite, oral habits, bone loss, gum disease or aggressive brushing.  Maintaining professional cleaning is important.

Charmen Douglas, DDS
Cherry Hill Dentist

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