Should I Fix My Overbite Before Getting Veneers and Implants?

I've seen 4 orthodontists, 1 agreed to treat me, the others said to see a cosmetic dentist. I want my overbite corrected BEFORE I have a partial bridge on bottom teeth replaced with an implant, & BEFORE I have the veneers on either side of my 2 front teeth replaced. They're 22 yrs. old & are there to close the space left after gap between front teeth was closed. After braces I want to have my teeth whitened, veneers redone, & implant instead of bridge. Isn't it smart to fix the bite first?

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Ortho before cosmetics

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It is always a good idea to have your bite issues corrected orthodontically BEFORE doing any cosmetic replacements. That being said, you should be under the guidance of a true cosmetic dentist that should oversee the entire process. He should direct the orthodontist to do whatever he feels is necessary to enhance the cosmetic dentistry that he will be doing. In other words, don't do this "a la carte". Someone should be in charge of the entire process from beginning to end.

New York Dentist

Bite Correction Before Cosmetic

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Sure it would be smart to correct the bite or the position of the teeth first.  

But the smartest thing you did was to get multiple opinions.  We have both the cosmetic and orthodontic options in our office, so we are not biased to either treatment.

My question for you is, 'Are you going to like the way your teeth look after braces?'  Are they stained or worn unevenly?

Teeth can usually appear to be re-positioned and renewed with the veneers if the teeth are discolored and only rotated or slightly tipped.  Without seeing your bite, I have to wonder if the orthodontic treatment will be in vain since you are already going to get veneers.

Good luck and I hope you get the smile of your dreams!

Justin Mund, DDS
Fort Worth Dentist

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