Gums Receding at Abnormal Rate, Options?

How fast do gums actually recede and at what speed rate can they? I have some receding gums and I feel like I can actually see it as its happening, like if I watch in the mirror. Am I just being paranoid or can it really happen that fast?

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Before your very eyes.....

Genetics plays a very large roll in all of this and then there is oral care, cleanings and effort!  No, you can't see the gums receding but, will happen over time and possibly years. If you are to lose teeth the whole dental process becomes expensive and time consuming. You don't want that.


douglas hauck dds

Newport Beach Dentist

How fast do gums recede?

While gums recede at different rates for every individual, you probably are being a little paranoid if you think you can actually see them receding in the mirror. It doesn't happen that fast on anyone!

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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