Will Going from a D Cup to a C Cup Make a Difference in my Pain and Posture?

I had a child 9 months ago and during pregnancy I went from a D cup to a DD. I was in pain and discomfort when I was a D, I tried pilates and yoga to help my posture but nothing worked. I am now imbetween a D and DD...would going to a C cup improve my pain level and help my posture?

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Breast reduction and Back Pain?

Thank you for the question.

It is hard to know for sure whether breast reduction will help with pain/posture issues. If you find that your pain and posture are improved with the use of very supportive bras then you breast reduction/lifting operations may be helpful. Sometimes, it is not so much the breasts size but their relatively low position on the chest wall that causes strain and pulling on the neck back and shoulder muscles.

When it comes to consultation please make sure your meeting with  well experienced board certified plastic surgeons.

I hope this helps.

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Going from a D to a C cup

Many women feel better after they have Breast Reduction surgery. It is very common to feel a lot of releif in your back and neck no matter how small the change. Everyone is different and I would recommend seeing a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in your area and get their advice as well.

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Pain relief and breast reduction

Many women do experience a significant improvement of neck, back, and shoulder pain after a breast reduction.  I find that at least two factors contribute to neck, back, and shoulder pain.  They are 1. the weight of the breast  and 2. the position of the breasts.  By making the breast smaller (lighter) and restoring the position of the breast in a higher more anatomically correct place, we often see the relief of pain. See your PS and discuss these factors.

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Reducing from a DD to C: Will it help posture and relieve pain?

Reduction in your breast size may indeed help address your symptoms and posture but this would depend on a variety of factors including the amount of tissue to be removed and its present positioning. An examination by a board certified plastic surgeon could allow you to obtain a more accurate assessment of this.

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Breast reduction improving back pain.

Breast reduction can improve back and neck pain and help your posture.  However, by reducing only one cup size, you will not notice a huge difference.

Whilst having large breasts may well contribute to pain and poor posture, people with small breasts (and indeed men) have pain and poor posture sometimes too.  The only thing that can be guaranteed following breast reduction is that the breasts will be smaller.  You would hope that your pain and posture would be improved but I would not make that the sole reason for having surgery.

Breast Reduction and pain relief

Many women have significant pain relief and reduction of symptoms of neck pain, back pain, shoulder grooving and improved posture after reduction mammoplasty.  It is not possible to evaluate your particular circumstance without a complete history and physical and photos.   Seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon experienced in breast reduction surgery for further evaluation.   

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D to a C cup

Without an exam it is hard to say if it is possible. In general, breast reduction can help with back pain but then again it may not.

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