On average how much does a vial of Botox cost a physician?

On average how much does a vial of Botox cost a physician?

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A vial of 100 units of Botox costs $525.  The price of botox is one thing, as a patient you need to select a Doctor that has great injecting skills with alot of experience.  We have a huge patient population of loyal Botox patients.  

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Physician's cost for Botox

All physicians in the United States pay the same price for Botox which is $525 for a 100 unit vial, regardless how much they use. I am a "platinum level" Botox injector and my cost per bottle is the same as every other physician.

Mitchell Schwartz, MD
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Botox cost

Botox cost about $525/vial and this contains 100 units.  As for fees, doctors prices vary by experience and reputation and quality.

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Cost of Botox

When looking at how much Botox costs you, the patient, you have to consider many factors, not just the cost of the bottle.  To name a few expenses, there are the syringes and needles, the gauze, the assistant's time, the secretary's time, the cost of the phones, malpractice insurance, and of course the doctor's salary.  A typical doctor usually runs an overhead of 60% or more.  Those who do a lot of injectables have an even higher percentage.  So if Botox costs the doctor $100, he/she would have to charge about $250 just to cover his expenses.  It's complicated.


Yoash R. Enzer, MD

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Botox cost to physicians

Dr. Robertson gives a very good answer to this question. Pricing for all injectables from any company depends on bulk purchasing and total purchases over a year. So those physicians who do a lot of injectables or practices with more than one injector can tend to pull in a bit less pricing per vial or per syringe. But $500 to $550 is pretty standard for Botox 100u per vial pricing from Allergan. There are additional costs to consider too though, such as topical numbing cream or chillers used, syringes and needles, and other supplies - every little thing a physician does to inject correctly and safely, and make you more comfortable, costs them a bit more money.

F. Victor Rueckl, MD
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Botox cost

Not to be evasive, but the cost varies between physicians depending on how much Allergan product they purchase in a year.  In general, it will probably be from $500 to $550 for a 100 unit vial.  The equipment required to properly inject botox is not cheap, since it takes specialized syringes and needles that aid in precision and comfort.  And properly trained staff and appropriately-medical treatment rooms add to the facility fee as well.  

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Cost of Botox

A vial of 100 units of Botox typically costs about $560 (as Allergen increases botox costs on an annual basis). The cost to the patient is based on the expertise of the injector, to offset staff and facility expenses, and to offset for other treatment expenses in addition to the cost of botox. 

Kris M. Reddy, MD, FACS
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Botox vial pricing

Thank you for your question.  The price of Botox has gone up yearly for the past couple years and may continue to do so ($558 in 2015).

Young R. Cho, MD, PhD
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