Does Thermage treat any age group? I am 55, would it be better to be treated pre weight loss or after?

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Thermage and age 50's

Thermage in my opinion is the best non-surgical face lift device. We use Thermage every day on numerous areas of the body and especially on the face. The average age of my patients who do Thermage is in the 50's. Your body will produce new collagen and rejuvenate and tighten your face. When you lose weight if you lose weight in your face but not collagen. Unlike a face lift you can do Thermage even if you are not at your ideal weight. Please consult a board certified dermatologist with a great deal of experience with Tgermage for the best cosmetic results. 

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Weight loss and Ultherapy, Weight loss and Thermage - Williamsville NY

If you have lost the weight you desire, you can proceed with either Ultherapy or Thermage. 

Thermage and Ultherapy are good options to get non surgical face tightening after face lifting.

Ultherapy uses focused energy and delivery is visulaized by DeepSee or B mode ultrasound.

It is FDA cleared in the U.S. and patients who have had this procedure report high satisfaction.

Read the ultherpy ebook on the link below.

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Skin tightening - before and after weight loss

You may decide you are okay with how you look after weight loss if any substantial weight loss is your goal.
Any heat based skin tightening works best on younger skin - that's a result of more capable collagen generation.

If your interest in Thermage is for your face, you may well want to also investigate Ultherapy Lift. It's a deeper targeted treatment that has shown some pretty substantial improvement in jawline and neck contouring.

In any event, whatever treatment you may choose would be more satisfying to you if you waited until you were at the weight you want to be. The skin envelope stretches to accommodate fat and when you lose the fat, there may be more skin than a nonsurgical treatment can impact well. It will depend to a great deal on your skin's elasticity.

Rebecca Fitzgerald, MD
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