Can my tattoo that has some white ink in it be removed by laser? (Photo)

I've read that white ink runs the risk of turning grey/brown/black when it is lasered. Is it true that once it changes colour, it may become impossible to remove? I have attached a photo.

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White ink tattoo removal - Buffalo Niagara Tattoo Laser Specialist

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Black inks are targeted by almost most laser tattoo systems as black ink absorbs all wavelengths.

You can choose a picosecond laser like Picosure for black ink tattoos or others like RevLite or the Alex TriVantage.

Picosure targets blue and green inks and used high speed, high intensity laser that uses high pressure to disintegrate tattoo ink into very small particles that are cleared by the skin sooner.

I suppose you can choose the Picosure for the black ink in this tattoo.

The 1064 nm laser is great for black ink tattoos as it spares the melanocytes in dark skin individuals and high Fitzpatric scales.

There is noo one laser that targets white ink. Fortunately for you the white ink is in little dots and it will not be a big problem if some of it persists. 

Picosure laser to remove your tattoo

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Great question! Yes your tattoo can be removed with the Picosure laser in just a few short sessions. I recommend consult with your doctor about the Picosure laser to permanently remove your tattoo.

Bruce E. Katz, MD
New York Dermatologic Surgeon
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White ink tattoo removal

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It may be more difficult to make the tattoo invisible with certain pigments, but laser removal would be your best option for treatment.

David J. Hecker, MD
Pompano Beach Dermatologist

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White Tattoo Ink

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Unfortunately you are entirely correct regarding problems removing white ink. In particular if the ink contains titanium it may turn grey black and become impossible to remove. Possibilities for you are to have multiple sessions of fractional ablative laser or having the white part for the tattoo surgically removed. 

Phillip Bekhor, MBBS, FACD
Melbourne Dermatologist

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