Is that normal to get skin discoloration after Tattoo Removal treatment?

i have had a spot treatment on a halfsleeve tatto that was done in black and grey shading . the spot turn light brown since then from grey is that normal to get skin discoloration? and should i go on with treatment

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Brown color after tattoo removal

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It is completely normal to get brown discoloration after tattoo removal. The pigment gets broken up by the laser and removed from the body but the heat and inflammation of the treatment make your body make pigment in the area.

This pigmentation is just like a tan. The pigment producing cells get stimulated from the laser and make more pigment in the area. This pigment fades with time.

Be patient and the skin should return to normal color within a few months. If it's not fading your doctor should be able to help you with a medicated cream to fade it quicker.

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Tattoo Removal

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If the correct laser and setting is used you should not get any skin discoloration.You should go back to your doctor any consider a different type of laser.  You would be a great candidate for the Alex Trivantage laser. This laser is the only one on the market that can target colors.

Yes, skin colour changes are not uncommon

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Once again I agree with my colleague Dr Bekhor- skin colour changes can be seen and is part of the process of 'breaking down' the pigment after laser. The grey look is due to pigment that is deeper in your skin- over time your skin's immune process will take up the pigment and carry it away. Sun protection post laser is very important. You will notice than pigmentation will fade as the months go by. 


Dr Davin Lim
Laser and cosmetic dermatologist
BRISBANE, Australia

Light Brown Color Change Post Laser Treatment of Grey pigment

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Most black tattoos will develop a light brown appearance in the weeks and months following a Picosure or Q-Switched laser treatment.  In the majority of cases, this is the normal appearance of treated tattoo ink that is in the process of moving out of the skin, and will disappear as the tattoo fades.
Very rarely, in darker skin coloured individuals, it may represent temporary tanning of the skin, known as post inflammatory pigmentation.  Fortunately even post inflammatory pigmentation is usually temporary, but may take many months to fade. 
It is always wise to strictly protect a treated tattoo from sun exposure in this setting and your dermatologist may recommend a skin fading cream.

Phillip Bekhor, MBBS, FACD
Melbourne Dermatologist

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