Dermapen or Picosure for mild acne scarring? (photos)

I am a 30 year old male with mild acne scarring and enlarged pores on my cheeks, plus one small dent from a mole removed by radiolaise that was a mistake by the dr... I have had dermapen twice and tca applied to the small dent twice. I haven't seen great results so far and am thinking of trying picosure now however it's hard to find strong cases studies. Which treatment would give the best results or another treatment all together? I am unable to do a treatment with a long down time..

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Microneedling + PRP

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A microneedling treatment would be recommended for your scars and enlarged pores. The CosmoPen is a medical grade microneedling treatment where we can control the depths of the needles puncturing the skin. You will see the decreased pores sizes and skin quality improvement within a few days, the scar reduction will be noticeable in one-two weeks. I would recommend combining Platelet Rich Plasma with the treatment to attract your own stem cells and expedite healing time. 

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Infini, filler then TCA CROSS

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Have a look at the video below for a full explanation on how Specialist approach scar revision. You will benefit from a combination of treatments including Infini RF, TCA CROSS and filler. The left side is markedly atrophic, you will not get a good 'raise' unless filler is placed in this area, not even after multiple laser or Infini sessions. As for Picosure- l love this laser for treating early and mild scarring. You can undertake 5 treatments with the 6 mm 0.71 setting with 4000 shots, and your results will be minimal. Not a good idea. All the bestDr Davin Lim Laser DermatologistBrisbane, Australia. 

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