Constant scaly, dry nipples 3 months post BA?

Hi, I had breast augmentation 3 months ago in Thailand and everything went smoothly. However for the past month and a bit my nipples won't stop peeling and are constantly dry. I've tried baby lotion, oil, paw paw and lanolin but nothing seems to work. Is this normal? And when will it go a way? a month and a half now is quite long

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It will take months for this to go away.  It needs to be evaluated to see if steroids or an anti fungal would help.

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I have seen this from time to time after breast augmentationCopiuos lanolin and possibly silicone nipple shields for 4-6 weeks may help - it should settle. Also make sure you know what implants have been used as sometimes discount overseas operators use sub standard implants

Dryness and Skin Peeling in breasts post BBA

Thank you for your question.

Generally speaking it is normal to have skin peeling in surgical areas postoperatively.  Due to the stitches, dressing, soreness, etc., surgical areas may not be bathed, showered, scrubbed and moisturized for a few weeks after surgery and this may result in dead, flakey skin cells accumulating on the skin. This may be the source of the peeling. This can be exacerbated if you have dry skin which is without natural skin oils.

Alternatively, your skin may just be irritated from ointments, gauze, and the constant wear of the medical bra. In that case, the peeling may continue temporarily for a few months.

Once you are all healed up and back to your routine, the peeling should resolve. It may help to apply a moisturizer of your choice after showering.

For now, please ask your surgeon to take a look and recommend a treatment. Their instructions should take precedence over everything you read here. It is very important that you maintain strict follow-up with your board-certified plastic surgeon to make sure your breasts are healing beautifully without any complications.

Hope this helps.

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Worthwhile to have a proper medical opinion to eliminate assumptions

Thank you for your photo and question.  The image provided does not suggest anything unusual. However, I recommend you have a proper medical opinion with a reputable doctor in your home location.  A proper history and physical examination is wise considering you had your surgery abroad and more details about your personal medical history and details of the surgical procedure should be reviewed.

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Scaly Nipples

This should not be due to the procedure itself but may be due to your breasts having more projection and interacting with the world more.  I would continue with a lanolin based lotion and try some Silicone shields --- we use DMRS.  It may be from rubbing or occasionally from new bras or clothing.  If not improved in 1 month, I would recommend you seeing a dermatologist.  All my Best!   drb

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