Who can legally perform Sculpsure? Can someone who is not certified or medically trained perform this treatment?

Can someone who is not certified or medically trained perform this treatment? Is it necessary for a doctor to be present?

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Who can perform Sculpsure?

Rules regarding who can perform Sculpsure vary depending on the state. If your state does not require a doctor or nurse to perform this procedure, it may be a good idea to have it done in a clinical setting, such as a doctor's office. 


Thank you for your question. Laws vary between states, however, it is always best to seek the highest training/education credentials, and the most experience. I suggest that you move forward and consult with a board certified facial plastic surgeon.

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Ross A. Clevens, MD
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I would recommend having Sculpsure associated with a doctors office and not just a spa

Each state has different rules. Clearly the technician should be properly trained by either Sculpsure or the doctor. It is extremely safe, if performed by someone properly trained. 

i personally suggest going to treatment that is in a doctors office and not just a "medispa".

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David E. Berman, MD
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Who Can Perform SculpSure?

Because many clinics can have an aesthetician or medical assistant perform SculpSure, you should do your homework first. Many clinics have aestheticians perform the procedure, but will have the physician first decide if you are a good candidate and explain if and where the laser heads should be placed. Not everyone is a good candidate. SculpSure does not treat loose skin areas without subdermal fat, or abdominal fat which is underneath the muscle. Also this treatment will reduce around 1 inch per treatment, so if 3 or more inches is the desired result over an entire abdomen or back, it may be easier and cheaper to do one treatment of Vaser Liposulpting in the office while you are awake and be done with the process in a few hours.  My advice is to go to a clinic where the physician does your consult and then oversees the treatment plan and procedure done by the office staff.  You deserve to get your money's worth and the best result possible!

Greta Mclaren, MD
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Who can perform Sculpsure?

Each state is different as to who may perform SculpSure. You can contact Cynosure directly for a referral to a trained SculpSure professional in your area. 

Depends on the state

Each state licenses medical procedures and who can perform them differently.  There are also rules for medical devices and procedures under a doctors supervision.

Who can legally perform SculpSure

SculpSure is a powerful fat sculpting device that uses special fat-targeting lasers to permanently destroy approximately 24% of the fat cells in the targeted area. Generally each treatment cycle uses all four of specially cooled "paddles" or cups to target stubborn fat at the "muffin top", love handles, saddlebag area, etc.. In our state, all medical lasers require a physician trained in the devise to check the setup and the settings and to "push the button". Each treatment cycle requires less than 30 minutes. 

Who Can Perform SculpSure

In New York state you do not have to have a medical license to perform SculpSure, however I would not advise having this procedure done at a facility that is not supervised by a board-certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. That being said, a great benefit of SculpSure is that it is a very safe treatment without room for human error, as the machine will not allow treatment to proceed until everything is properly set up. Once the machine is properly set up and attached, treatment will proceed on it's own and the only variable that can be changed are the settings being moved up or down. 

Dennis Gross, MD
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Who Can Perform SculpSure

Each state regulates who can use lasers differently. I highly recommended seeking a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who performs body contouring procedures and SculpSure. 

Patricia DePoli, MD, FACS
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Typically a Doctor or Nurse Practitioner

SculpSure is a laser that designed to injure fat cells and cause the body to remove these injured cells. While the laser is very safe, most states require a physician or nurse practitioner to perform this or any other laser procedure. The best idea is to seek out a Sculpsure expert which isn't always the busiest plastic surgeon or dermatologist in your area. Find someone who has extensive experience in this particular procedure. 

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