Can u take Cephalexin a week b4 surgery?

So I told my girlfriend in California about this site, and we were talking. I just saw my dr for pre op for my breast augmentation surgery. My dr said no meds two weeks b4. My friend is having hers and told me she has been taking Cephalexin b4 surgery due to a bladder infection :-/. I told her that's not safe. She assured me it was. So I want to ask u if she's having surgery and has taken Cephalexin a week b4 surgery what can happen. I told her not to but I wanna know if I'm wrong ;) thank u

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Your friend can take antibiotics for bladder infection.

Your friend is taking an antibiotics to treat bladder infection.  If she has any infection, it is important that it gets treated prior to surgery.  In terms of antibiotic prophylaxis, normally you do NOT need to start antibiotics prior to surgery.  Your plastic surgeon will give you preoperative IV antibiotics prior to your surgery on the day of the surgery.

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Breast Augmentation

The cephalexin isn't the issue, it is WHY a patient is taking the medicine.  It is contraindicated to have breast augmentation while there is an active infection.  The implant labeling even specifically mentions this.  So, one should always keep their surgeon in the loop, and if the infection has resolved prior to surgery, then no worries this medicine was taken in advance and no worries to proceed. 

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Neither of you are physicians.  Your friend needs to discuss her situation with her surgeon.  The bladder infection may be an issue.  I would postpone a patient's surgery if they had a bladder infection.  Please make sure she asks her surgeon!

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Medication and Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your inquiry about medications and breast augmentation.

Your friend should tell her surgeon about the Ceflex she is taking and the reason for it.  First, a severe infection might require postponing surgery to reduce the risk of infection.  Second, antibiotics can lead to growth of resistant bacteria.  Third, her surgeon might want to give her a different antibiotic is standard before elective surgery.

Best Wishes.


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Antibiotics are ok

Thanks for your question. As long as the bladder infection is clear, it is okay to do the surgery. The antibiotics should not affect things. The real issue is whether there is any bacteria still in the urine. There is no reason to rush into the surgery if it is going to lead to implant problems. Best of Luck to you both!

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Antibiotics prior to breast augmentation probably won't matter.

I personally don't think this is going to be an issue but the intake of any medication prior to a breast augmentation should be brought to the attention of the operating surgeon.

Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
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