Need a Dr in GA to remove silicone injections from buttocks!

I rec'd injections 12 yrs ago& for the past 4 yrs I've exp inflam 3x's, ER gave antibiotics for cellulitis.Tissue is soft& no discoloration but several tiny lumps in left hip area. My fam dr said the lumps were nothing to worry 1.5 yr ago after a ultrasound but they r aching a lil now. Can gen srgn remove lumps& plastic srgn lipo my butt? If fat is removed by default some of the silicone would also come out? I no not all. I realize this was stupid,but plz advice on how I can be helped& a GA dr.
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Silicone Lumps and Growths

This needs surgical removal and if it is significant CT scanning and assessment of the lymph nodes to ensure this has not migrated.  Best, Dr. Emer.

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