I have a low white blood count of 2.6 thousand but my hemoglobin is 13.6. Will I still be able to get a tt, bbl, bl?

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Low white blood count...get it checked out

For abnormal lab values, I would suggest repeating the lab tests and visiting your primary care physician in order to get worked up fully. You may think it may be an unnecessary pain, but I have found it is always safer to dot the i's and cross the t's. A mommy makeover is a big surgery and not something to go into "hoping" everything is fine. Good luck.

Medical Evaluation prior to Surgery

We need to be re-examined. Very low white count may be normal for you as long as parameters and other cells that make up the total white count are normal BUT this is concerning
This may be an issue the best remedy would be to visit your plastic surgeon and/or a hematologist

Low White blood cell count and elective cosmetic surgery

The first thing I would do is to repeat the blood count to be sure that this is not a lab error.  If it is not then you should see your family physician before proceeding with an elective cosmetic surgical procedure.  
Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Jeffrey Zwiren, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Address Issues Before Surgery...

A white blood cell count of 2.6 thousand is definitely a reason for concern and should be aggressively investigated.  Low WBC counts may occur for a variety of reasons including viral illnesses, drug reactions and in some cases serious illnesses.

                Investigation by performing a differential analysis of the WBC is an appropriate initial maneuver.  Depending upon the results of this study, consultation with a hematologist may be necessary as well.

                It’s important to understand that white blood cells are an important part of your immune system and your body’s ability to fight infection.  For this reason, it’s important to address these issues before proceeding with mommy makeover surgery.

You need further work up before proceeding

Your white blood count is low and needs further work up by a hematologist just to make sure. This specialist will be able to determine if there is an issue with this and will recommend whether you should proceed with any elective surgery.

Low white count

Your white blood cell count is below normal. When the white blood cell count is evaluated additional information is provided. This information is called the differential. The differential evaluates the different types of white blood cells in your blood. Evaluation of the differential will provide information to help determine the underlying cause of your low white blood count. It is very important that you are in the best shape possible for such a large procedure. You should be seen by an internist and have a workup to explain and resolve this situation before your surgery. Good luck

Low white count before mommy make-over

Thank you for your question. The reason for the low white count needs to be determined before your surgery.
  • Have your regular doctor review the 'differential' to see if the kinds of white cells present are normal,
  • Next, repeat the test - lab results can be wrong or mixed up with another person's, although this is rare,
  • White counts can also fall after a recent viral infection - another reason to repeat the test.
  • Some medicines cause white counts to fall - have your regular doctor check what you are taking.
  • Next, have your doctor review results from any earlier tests - this may be your normal level.
  • Finally, if necessary, see a hematologist (blood specialist) if the cause cannot be explained.
The reason for investigating your low white count is to be sure that there is not a problem that needs treatment - before your elective surgery. Best wishes.

Low white blood count is not a contraindication to a mommy makeover.

Your white cell count is just a bit low but is probably not pathological. Your internist should be made aware of the operation you anticipate. Additional hematologic evaluation may be necessary but I doubt it.
Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Vincent N. Zubowicz, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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I have a low white blood count of 2.6 thousand but my hemoglobin is 13.6. Will I still be able to get a tt, bbl, bl?

The white blood count would need further investigation.   Find a mommy makeover expert who performs hundreds of mommy makeovers each year and has great reviews and great before and after pictures.

Kenneth Hughes, MD

Los Angeles, CA
Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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I have a low white blood count of 2.6 thousand but my hemoglobin is 13.6. Will I still be able to get a tt, bbl, bl?

From the standpoint of your hemoglobin, you will be fine. However, the low white blood count should be evaluated  prior to proceeding. Best to have the lab work redrawn and evaluated by your internist or family practitioner. Best wishes.

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