I want sculptra butt lift here in Atlanta. Where should i go to get it done? (Photo)

I was told sculptra is safe in the body and is a great buttox filler.

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Injecting Sculptra in the buttocks is safe

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It's only downside is that it requires a lot of Sculptra to see effects in the buttocks. It can take up to 20 vials for an effect. I typically will inject 4 per session. There is minimal downtime and risk with the procedure.

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Sculptra Butt Lift in Atlanta

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Sculptra Butt Lifts are very safe as long as you go to a doctor who has experience in Sculptra injections in the buttocks.  Your best bet is to search out a Core doctor.  Someone who has also experience in BBL is ideal.

Good luck

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Sculptra® can offer an effective nonsurgical alternative to a butt lift procedure.

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Sculptra® works in the face by replacing lost collagen to help boost facial volume and smooth away fine lines and wrinkles. In much the same way, Sculptra® can be an effective alternative to a surgical butt lift or augmentation procedure by subtly increasing volume in the desired area. When searching for the right medical spa for your procedure, however, be sure you check for credentials and experience performing Sculptra® butt lift injections. While you might start your search looking in Atlanta, it may be worth broadening your location in order to find the best available practice to perform your injections.

I want sculptra butt lift here in Atlanta. Where should i go to get it done?

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In the Atlanta area, I recommend Dr. James Namnoum. He is a board certified plastic surgeon and well known in the cosmetic industry. Good luck.

I want sculptra butt lift in Atlanta. Where should i go?

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Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Though an off-label use, Sculptra can be placed within the buttocks to stimulate a patient's own collagen to try and achieve a firmer, fuller appearance.  Fair warning it would take a number of vials to make a sizeable difference.  Hope this helps.

Sculptra off Label

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Sculptra is a fabulous and safe product if used where it is intended on the face. I would not recommend Sculptra off-label for any patient except where it is advised on the face.  Sculptra can cause nodules and is not designed for these other areas.  Best, Dr. Green

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