I want sculptra butt lift here in Atlanta. Where should i go to get it done? (Photo)

I was told sculptra is safe in the body and is a great buttox filler.

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I want sculptra butt lift in Atlanta. Where should i go?

Thank you for sharing your question and photograph.  Though an off-label use, Sculptra can be placed within the buttocks to stimulate a patient's own collagen to try and achieve a firmer, fuller appearance.  Fair warning it would take a number of vials to make a sizeable difference.  Hope this helps.

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Sculptra off Label

Sculptra is a fabulous and safe product if used where it is intended on the face. I would not recommend Sculptra off-label for any patient except where it is advised on the face.  Sculptra can cause nodules and is not designed for these other areas.  Best, Dr. Green

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