Is It Possible to Do a Fat Transfer with Just Lipo of Your Legs and Arms?

I had a tummy tuck done 2 months ago and the doctor did not transfer enough fat to my butt and my right cheeks looks fuller than the left one. Any suggestions? Thanks

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Fat Transfer.

Thank you for your question, If there is a significant amount of fat on your arms and legs it can certainly be transferred into your buttocks for corrective purposes, however to get more projection in both sides of your buttocks it may be too little fat.

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Fat transfer from Arms and Legs to Buttocks


Thank you for your question. If you have enough fat in your legs and arms, it can certainly be used to improve the appearance of your left buttocks. We typically advise patients to have at least 2 areas of liposuction done. If you are still happy with your Plastic surgeon, ask him or her if you have enough fat for additional transfer to the buttocks. In our Atlanta office, we have been able to transfer fat from the arms and legs to the buttocks.

Good luck

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Using fat from arms and legs for Buttock Augmentation

The short answer is yes. You can use fat from your arms and legs for buttock augmentation. There usually isn't much fat in these locations, but for a touch-up could work quite well. 

Asaad H. Samra, MD
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Fat grafting from arms legs

Yes it is possible to use fat from your extremities to enlarge the buttocks. It may be less volume but as long as you have some liposculpting done above the buttock, you can accomplish your goal

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Buttocks Sculpting

Buttocks sculpting is more of a process of liposuction of the abdomen, waist, and thighs to frame the buttocks. Fat grating is enhancement to the buttocks. If you are looking for significant volume addition (enhancement), typically fat obtained only from the arms and legs is not enough.

Dr. ES

Fat from arms and legs used for buttocks augmentation

It is possible to use fat from arms and legs to increase buttocks size, and particularly in the case in which only one may need to be increased further.

Please consult your plastic surgeon to receive more information as to the availability of fat in your particular case.

Best wishes for a positive outcome!

Mario Diana, MD
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Arm and Leg Donoe Sites Enough for Buttock Injections?

It can certainly be done but the relevant question is do you have enough fat in your arms and legs to have enough to make injection into the buttocks worthwhile. For one buttock I suspect you would. But if you are trying to make both bigger you may not have enough to make a real size difference. But the argument can be made that at least the smaller buttock can be made bigger to match the larger buttock better. Anything available beyond that would be a bonus.

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Yes it is possible to realize it/ si si es posible

yes with your own fat and plastma it should be keeped inside like  an autologous augmentation implant but  better of whole  any risck, hygienic, organic, clean the resortion should be like a 40% at 5 ayears post op principally in legs by movement

si es mejor  en esta forma  que con implantes  ya que es mas higienico, saludable y organico, su reabsorcion es de casi un 40% a los 5 años de post operatorio sobre todo en las piernas por el movimiento

Ramon Navarro, MD
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Fat transfer to butt from arms and thighs

If you have a lot of excess farad in your arms and legs you can absolutely do a transfer to the buttocks using jut this fat.  Good luck.

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Brazilian Buttlift with Just Liposuction of Your Arms and Legs

    In some patients, liposuction of the legs and arms can yield quite a bit of fat.  This amount would certainly be enough to even out a dent.  Find a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who performs Brazilian buttlift hundreds of times each year.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Kenneth B. Hughes, MD
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