HCG After BBL?

I had my BBL 6 months ago. My butt looks awesome, but I really wish my lipo results would have came out better. I am considering the HCG diet. What will happen to my butt if I start this diet? I am 5'7 and 192 pounds. Before you recommend I speak with my surgeon. He is too busy to answer any of my questions. I don't know what I should do. More lipo, diet, exercise??? Im not sure what to do and any advice you can give will be helpful.

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HCG and Weight Loss after Brazilian Buttlift

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   I perform 5 surgeries a day 5 days a week, and I am not too busy to answer your question.  Dieting after Brazilian buttlift and the loss of a substantial amount of body fat will reduce the size of your butt.  The degree to which it is reduced is impossible to predict.  If you are unhappy with the liposuction results, I would see a plastic surgeon with ELITE credentials who does these procedures hundreds of times each year.   Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Weight Loss with HCG

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I am not a fan of HCG for weight loss.  In my practice we encourage a healthy lifestyle and exercise to maintain a healthy goal weight.  I would encourage that for you. Once you have that in place and reach a stable goal weight then I would revisit with your plastic surgeon to see if additional procedures (if needed) would be beneficial.

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Hcg diet after Brazilian butt lift

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You can absolutely lose weight to improve your liposuction results.  You must understand however that you will lose some of the fat that was transferred to the butt as well.  If you are okay with this, good luck.  If not, than I would look at having touch up liposuction done.

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