I Had Asclera Injections Done Yesterday, It Was So Painful I Couldn't Finish. Is This Normal?

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Not normal

There can be a little bit of discomfort with sclerotherapy but so much pain is unusual and likely meant that the asclera was outside of the vein.

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This is very unusual in my practice.  I typically use a 31 gauge needle (tiny), perhaps ask your doctor if he/she is using the smallest possible needle.  Also, Tylenol or Tramadol (prescription) before treatment can help.  Best regards- Dr. C

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Asclera Injections

Everybody's pain threshold is different.  Many people experience a little pinching from the needle and slight burning from the solution.  However, it is typically tolerated well.  I would suggest taking some Tylenol before your next Asclera treatment. Ice may be helpful too.  Thank you for your question. 

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Pain after sclerotherapy

The injection sites after sclerotherapy can be painful for several days to weeks. Usually, the discomfort is resolved within 3 weeks of injection.

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I usually place numbing cream in the areas of proposed injections for at least 45 minutes prior to injection.  The injections hurt and it is my only way to decrease the pain

Painful Asclera Injections

Thank you for your question. Sclerotherapy agents such as Asclera may cause some discomfort, but are generally tolerable procedures. Make certain you do not feel continued pain, burning, or ulceration as these may be side effects. I would recommend perhaps pre-treating with ice to help numb the area. Be sure you are under the supervision of an experienced injector. I hope this helps.

Painful Sclerotherapy Not Typical

As a sclerotherapy expert who has performed over 30,000 sclerotherapy treatments over the past 30 years, I can say this is not a typical reaction. In fact, I have never had this problem in any of my patients. At most there may be some minor discomfort during the sclerotherapy procedure. There are a few reasons why sclerotherapy could be painful, but without further information it is not possible nor appropriate to say anything further. I recommend seeking treatment for your veins from a vein expert who has a long, successful track record of performing advanced vein procedures.

Mitchel P. Goldman, MD
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Pain with Sclerotherapy Vein Injections if Legs

No, this is not typical or normal, especially with the newer sclerotherapy medications like Asclera (Polidocanol).  Some of the older sclerotherapy treatments, such as hypertonic saline, were often very uncomfortable.  But the newer medications are well tolerated in general.  Asclera has chemical properties that give it an anesthetic effect when injected, so it is usually is not painful to administer (except for the small needle pokes, which are similar to ant bites).  Most patients tolerate the procedure very well.  I have done thousands of sclerotherapy treatment sessions and have never had to quit a treatment due to the inability of the patient to tolerate the discomfort. 

One possibility is that some of the medication was escaping from the veins and going into the tissue around the veins, causing pain. 

Some of the things that can be done to minimize discomfort are:

1)apply numbing cream to the skin that is a topical anesthetic, such as Emla cream, just prior to your treatment

2)Have the vein doctor do cyro-sclerotherapy in which hyper-cooled air is administered to the skin during treatment

3)Have the vein doctor use a cooling-pack or ice-pack on the skin just prior to injections


I hope the information was helpful.

Alternative techniques for Asclera Injections

Sclerotherapy injections can be quite uncomfortable in certain cases. When the injections burn or cause more than a momentary sting, a more dilute solution should be used. Foam sclerotherapy is a technique that also causes less pain during the injections. Talk to your doctor about these and other methods to make sclerotherapy more tolerable.

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Asclera is not painful

I have done several thousand sclerotherapy sessions and I don't recall ever stopping because it was that uncomfortable for the patient. You must be very sensitive to needle sticks or to the Asclera. There is an element of 'burning sensation' which subsides with topical ice packs in minutes. Try another Board Certified Phlebologist or another sclerosing solution.

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