Would Vanquish be a better option than Coolsculpting?

I want to reduce some fat around my knees and the area of thigh right above. I was told that that area would not be treatable using Coolsculpting because I do not have lose fat.

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Which device to treat the fat around my knees?

Hi,It is hard to say without assessing your knees but the Coolsculpting Mini is being used for the fat above the knees quite successfully.  
Warmly,Dr. Liu

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Vanquish vs Coolsculpting

Both of these devices work to reduce fat cells, but to answer your question, it sounds like you want to know about a specific body part (your knees). In my practice we use Vanquish, which is currently not indicated for fat above the knees. I would also determine if it is fat that you are seeing, or loose skin. Have a qualified physician examine you, because you may be a candidate for another energy based device. Hppe this is helpful.

Alan B. Brackup, MD, FACS
Philadelphia Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Vanquish or Coolsculpr for fat reduction of the thighs

Non surgical fat reduction is of great interest to many patients who would like to reduce excess deposits of fat around the waist line or the thighs.  Coolsculpting utilizes a cooling technology (cryolipolysis) to reduce fat cells while Vanquish employs an electrical energy  (radio frequency) that heats the excess fatty tissue to permanently reduce the excessive fat.

    While both have proven to be effective in properly selected patients, I would prefer Vanquish over Coolsculpt to treat the area of your thighs and knees because the treatment paddles of the Vanquish are non-contact and can be placed around the leg to treat the entire area while Coolsculpting would require a specific area of fatty excess to be compressed within the cooling head.  The other advantage of the Vanquish system is the option of additional skin tightening by applying the Exilis Elite, another method of delivering radio frequency, to tighten the overlying skin after Vanquish fat reduction treatment.  Be sure that you discuss these options with an experienced and appropriately credentialed physician who is  familiar with all methods of body contouring.

Frank Barone, MD
Toledo Plastic Surgeon
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Vanquish vs Coolsculpting

Both of these non-invasive methods of fat reduction work by using various energies and temperature controls. There is no data that compares their effectiveness. Vanquish, by virtue of its external shield delivery, is more versatile than Coolsculpting which requires compression of the treated tissues.

Barry L. Eppley, MD, DMD
Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon
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