Fainted after breast reduction.

I had breast reduction on Friday and on Saturday afternoon I fainted. I thought it happened because I kneeled down to pick up something. Today Sunday, I almost fainted again after taking a short and slow little walk. Is this normal? Could it be caused by the anesthetic still in my body? I m having hard time getting off and on the bed and do things with my arms. I expected to be able to get into my routine after 2 days but it seems that it will take longer. Is this normal?

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Fainting after breast reduction surgery

Fainting after any type of surgery is not a common side effect and may

be caused by a variety of reasons. It could be something easily
fixed by stopping medications, making sure your post-surgical diet is
healthy and supporting good hydration but always report issues such as
the ones your having directly to your plastic surgeon who would be the
best to advise you. It is appropriate to have soreness after breast
reduction surgery and recovery time averages 2-4 weeks, depending on
grams removed, if drains were placed, and the overall health of the

You do need to contact your plastic surgery and make them aware of you concerns.

Wishing you the best.

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Fainting after a breast reduction

Your question is a valid one and it should be acted upon quickly.  There are many reasons you maybe fainting but to tell you why in this forum is not wise and I would recommend you see your surgeon as soon as possible to determine the cause.  It may be something simple as not keeping hydrated to a more serious reason.  Recovery can take up to two weeks to feel like you are on your game again. You may be doing too much and need to slow down but all these issues need to be discussed with your surgeon.

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Fainted after breast reduction.

Fainting after surgery is not necessarily "normal"; there are variety of "reasons" why this may be occurring.  It is important that you communicate post op concerns/questions directly with your plastic surgeon who will be in best position to advise you.   Given these occurrences, make sure that you have support around you at all times.  Best wishes.

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Breast reduction - fainting repeatedly

Thank you for asking about your breast reduction.
  • I am sorry to hear of your fainting.
  • Please contact your surgeon's office without delay and arrange to be seen.
  • You may be having a reaction to a medicine or you may be severely anemic -
  • You may need a blood count test, your blood pressure checked and a careful assessment.
  • Please after surgery - have your surgeon take care of you. There are no stupid questions - if you have a question, call your surgeon.
Always see a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. Best wishes  - Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Elizabeth Morgan, MD, PhD
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