Areola Reduction? (photo)

I'm 20 years old, 5ft, and I weigh 115 pounds. Nor have i ever had children or lost a tremendous amount of weight. I'm a size 34C and my nipples are ridiculously low. It seems as if they are pointing downward. If I was to get a areola reduction would there be a possibility of moving the areola a bit? Or would the areola stay in the same position but just be reduced? Also would you recommend any other procedures? I don't want to go any bigger. But my boobs are already sagging so I don't know what to do

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Areola reduction is NOT the answer here!

You have grade 3 ptosis (breast droop) and large areolas. For the best cosmetic result you need a full Wise-pattern (anchor) mastopexy, which will lift and tighten your skin brassiere in two dimensions (not just one like a lollipop or vertical lift), reduce your areola size, and give you much more attractive, uplifted, and perky breasts.

Trying to accomplish this via periareola (donut or Benelli) lift alone will result in unsatisfactory scars and a very unhappy patient! Even a vertical or circumvertical (lollipop) lift that is so much in vogue these days will leave you with long inframammary scars that often cross onto the chest wall and give you high unnatural-positioned areolas. Click on the web reference link below for an example of one of my patients who had other surgeons perform a vertical lift on one breast and a areola reducing "lift" on the opposite breast. Her results are atrocious, and required that I perform a full Wise-pattern mastopexy to correct her massive asymmetry and terrible scars!

I know you don't want (excessive) scars or the cost of a bigger procedure, but your anatomy requires this, and anything short of a full lift will only make you regret you tried for lower cost and less scars. Do it right--the first time! Best wishes! Dr. Tholen

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Thank you for the interesting question. The procedure of choice if you have a large areola would be an areola reduction; it is possible with this procedure to moderately lift the nipple areola complex, however the success of the operation and the degree of satisfaction will depend on how low the areolas are and how well you heal; sometimes due to the tension around the areolas, the scars stretch leaving the patient and surgeon disappointed. To improve the overall shape of your breast you could probably consider a mastopexy without implants, as you seem not to wish to have heavier breasts. Go and ask the advise of an experience plastic surgeon and I am sure he will guide you to take the right decision.

All the best.

Andrea Marando


Andrea Marando, MD
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Areolar reduction

Your impression is correct.  There are two issues the size of your nipples and their low position.  You would do best with a breast lift which would tighten the skin envelope, raising the breasts and then reducing the size of the nipple.  This would then leave you with the look of a bra without a bra.

Roger J. Friedman, MD
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Areola Reduction vs. Breast Lift

Thank you for your question.   If you are looking for improvement in your breast shape, I would definitely recommend a breast lift.     An areola reduction will simply treat the areola, but not change the position of the nipple or improve the overall contour of the breast.

Paul S. Gill, MD
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Areola Reduction versus Breast Lift

Areola reduction is procedure that reduces the size of the areola and can be performed in a manner to raise the nipple a minimal amount.  When the nipple needs to be raised a significant amount a breast lift (mastopexy) needs to be perfomed.

Craig Mezrow, MS, MD, FACS
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Enlarged areolas and sagging breasts

Based on your photos, an areolar reduction will not improve the shape of your breasts. You would likely need a breast lift to improve the overall shape of your breasts. This would likely involve a circular incision around the areola and a vertical extension from the bottom of the areola down to the breast crease. Consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon for a thorough examination in persons.

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William Bruno, MD
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Not only an areola Reduction!

Dear Mrs.

According to your photos you have grade 2-3 glandular ptosis. So if we have to do something this operation will be a  mastopexy operation. I think with a so called "lollipop" technique (we call the technique "LeJour mastopexy" ) mastopexy operation you will have great looking boobs. 

Alper Tuncel, MD
Turkey Plastic Surgeon

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