Are There Non-surgical Arm Lift Alternatives?

Hi, I am 5'7" and weigh 124 lbs. I have not gained or lost more than 2-5 lbs over the past 20 years. I exercise religiously but don't follow a very healthy diet. I had mini brachioplasty Oct '07 which made my arms about 2" smaller but they still sag terribly. I have loose, saggy skin from under my arms to my wrists.

Is there a proven non-invasive solution to my problem? I am trying Sciton SkinTyte currently but have only had 1 of 5 treatments. I don't know the cause of my extremely loose skin other than aging issues. I am desperate to find something that will work for me. Any suggestions?

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Surgery is the best choice

There is simply no current technology that can offer the same reproducible, durable results that an arm lift can. The big downside of an armlift is the scar, but for most folks, they are willing to have a scar in order to have a nicer shape, size and contour to their arms. It's simply a tradeoff, and if it is an acceptable one for you, then I would opt for surgery. If it isn't, I would not spend time and money on other treatments.

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Stop spending money on treatments that are not working.


Laser and other treatments are good for tightening skin which does not really need to be tightened. From what it sounds like in your description, your problem is beyond non-invasive treatments. I am not sure what your "mini-brachioplasty" was. However, if your incision is limited to your armpit and does not extend down your arm, then I am not surprised that you do not see an appreciable result. You basically have to decide what is worse - the sagging skin or an incision down your arm. In most cases, the incision can be directed down the inside or posterior portion of your arm, tin an attempt to make it less visible.

I hope this is helpful.

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Please stop wasting your hard earned money on "non-invasive" treatments that promise what they can't deliver. There is nothing other than surgery that significantly tightens the skin of your arm (or anywhere else for that matter!). The problem in the arm is the unsightly scar. So if you can't make the trade in your mind for the scar, all you can do is to eat healthier, avoid the sun, hydrate the skin, bulk up your triceps and biceps to drape the skin better and accept that this is just your genetic nature.

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