Cell necrosis from Vanquish won't go away six weeks after final treatment. Should I be worried?

I had my final vanguish treatment on my back six weeks ago I have cell necrosis in certain areas of my back which is a hard lump. I didn't massage them for about two weeks after treatment but now I massage them almost every night but they still don't seem to be going away will they ever go away?

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Vanquish Side Effect -- Lumps

All non invasive technologies can form lumps of swelling that will go down within 3-4 months. Massaging the area daily may help dissolve the lumps, cellutone will help as well.  This shouldn't be permanent and often gives you a better outcome long term. Best, Dr. Emer

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Lump After Vanquish

Thank you for sharing your question.  After any type of fat reduction (non-invasive or invasive), it is common to develop some "lumps" under the skin.  Your lumps (known as panniculitis) is a result of inflammation and destruction of the fat.  In our office, we prevent these nodules by utilizing Cellutone (known as X-Wave overseas) which improves further destruction of fat, improves lymphatic drainage, and tightens the skin.  Your massage will continue to help resolve the lump that you are feeling.  Please check with your treating physician to see if they have the Cellutone or a similar device to help speed the resolution of the panniculitis nodule.  He or she may also consider using a radiofrequency or ultrasound device to more rapidly resolve this lump.
Best of luck,Suneel Chilukuri, M.D.Houston, Texas
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