Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile? (photo)

Recently i've become more aware of my upturned left eye & smile. When im tired photos can look like I've had a minor stroke! I'm 33, get botox for my frown lines, nasolabial and lips with juvey & more recently my injector suggested I may benefit from Voluma in my cheeks. My asymmetry to date hasn't been a major hang-up, but with age I feel the volume loss is highlighting it. I've also heard botox/dysport can be used to correct strabismus. Appreciate any suggestions to balance this lopsided lass!

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Botox and asymmetry

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Asymmetry is common. Based on the photo's you've provided, you should address your specific concerns with your provider, however, accepting some minor "imperfections" or subtle differences in your facial characteristics might be in order.

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Annoying Asymmetrical Face - Hypertropia and Crooked Smile

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First, don't be overly critical of yourself. And try to spend a tiny bit less time stressing in front of the mirror. Humans have asymmetrical faces. It seems you already have a physician who is taking care of your needs and addressing your issues well. Follow-up with that physician about your questions. Yes, there are things that can be done, but you are very pretty and need to spend less time worrying!

Using BTX - lopsided when smiling.

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Hello,  It sounds like you are already in contact with someone who feels confident in rejuvenation techniques.  There is a muscle that opposes your smile that can be injected to help "even out"  your corners.  I like to place my hands on the face and feel the dynamic movement of the muscles.  This helps to also determine how much BTX to place, as well as, where to inject.  I've worked with Bell's Palsy patients who exhibit similar smiles.  Remember - No face is symmetrical!  

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