Active/Deep FX vs. Smartxide Dot Laser - Which is Better?

I have no idea which would be better - the Active/Deep FX or the Smartxide Dot Laser. Here in Austin, the first treatment costs much more than the second, but I am willing to pay more if the one is superior to the other (BTW, I have olive skin). Thanks.

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Smartxide is better than Active/Deep FX IMO

The reason the FX treatments cost more is because the doctor paid more for the laser.  This is basically because of better brand recognition and advertising by the laser company that makes the laser.  I witnessed a talk at a recent Facial Plastics Meeting where 4 different fractional CO2 lasers were used in each quadrant of the face on test patients, and no one could tell the difference between them.  I use the Smartxide and can vary the treatments as I see fit according to skin type, downtime the patient can tolerate, etc.  The most important thing is to go to someone experienced and don't let their nurse/aesthetician treat you.

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Smartxide Dot Laser vs. Active/Deep FX for facial resurfacing

In fractionated carbon dioxide resurfacing, there are some important distinctions between treatments and some not-so important ones.  The important ones are the settings (power to tissue, micro-beam diameter, density, number of passes, overall treatment intensity) and the vigilance of the laser surgeon.  You should expect an excellent improvement in your facial texture, fine lines and tone/pigmentation after treatment with either of these lasers.  I used to exclusively use the Active/Deep FX and now have purchased the SmartXide because of the flexibility of treatments.  Either system can achieve excellent results and those results are more dependent on the experience of the surgeon than which system is used.  Good luck!

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